I recall a song of old
    that had those words
    in it. You can enjoy it
    to the left.

    It raises some
    interesting questions
    in a very aesthetic

When Monday is coming, what is your reaction?

Dread? Misery? Something worse?

Or do you view it as an exciting day with many chances to accomplish things?

For that matter, how about tomorrow or any day of the week? What is your
outlook on the future?


If you are not moving towards known goals or objectives in your life, you will
not be happy. Yep, you'll be suffering from dreading Monday, dreading

If you have a goal, you'll be happy to get up and pursue it!

So the above questions actually may give you a tool to evaluate your future.

No goals or crushed goals and dreading the next day? Or are you getting up
in the morning and being excited about making progress towards your goals!

One of my goals it to make a positive impact. I do that mainly on Twitter.
Statistics of my progress are the number of followers I have and how many
retweets etc. You can view my progress
here on Klout or here on  
TwitterCounter. This is part of my plan as stated in "New Civilization."


If you do not have specific goals written down, you probably do not have any.
Without written goals, you probably, are making no progress. Without written
goals, you probably do not have a bright future. Having no goals, no future, is
a fast trip to being dead.

One of my goals is stated in "New Civilization."

Look at so many that “retire.” They have achieved their “goal”, retirement,
and have nothing else to live for.  I believe it's a statistical fact that retirement
equals a fast body death. See related article
Retirement: Taking it Easy.

As mentioned, my goal is stated in "
New Civilization." You can make that your
goal too if you'd like to and support

You Hate Your Job

If you hate your job, you are in a trap. It is not an easy one to escape. You
have to work to eat so you can work so you can eat...

Somehow, you must break the rat cage you have yourself in!

Your very survival is linked to you having future goal(s)!

In an environment where you are unhappy, your emotional tone will be down.
Being emotionally down toned, will effect your family life and friends. Hate is
an insane tone level!

Do you enjoy yourself on the weekends with family and friends? If so, you're
likely to be cheerful.

Then you go to work, are you still cheerful?

Emotionally low toned people are more frequently ill than higher toned
people. Read about the
Emotional Tone Scale here.

It is very possible there is someone at your job that wants you to fail! See
article "
People Who Want You to Fail (Part One)--Who is Stopping You?"

How Can You Have "Change" that Will Help YOU?

First thing that might discourage you is that you've tried before and failed.
See Article: "
You Tried to Reach a Goal and Failed...Now What?"

You must decide to take action to be something other than trapped. See
article: "
Be a Success."

I would suggest you
write down the way you want things to be in great detail.
Do not just think about it, write about it! See article: "
Imagine Your Success."

Plan out your future. The future isn't just a matter of chance! See article:
Your Unlimited Potential."

Can you succeed? What will happen if you break free from your trap? See
article "
Rule Your World!"

If you need assistance, I can guide you to information to help you succeed.

What is in this for Carl?

You might ask "what is my motivation to help you?"

It is very simple. Mankind is an area of survival.
#AwesomeTeam is an area of
survival. The better you survive, the better
#AwesomeTeam does and the
better mankind does!

We need to survive better! See
Governments, Solution For!

©2011  by Carl Watts/ Article 7/29/11, edited 1/23/12, 5/21/12, 071612
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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