This poem was inspired by a Twitter follower with the name MirrorImage, I
think. I will have to research since I failed to record! Unfortunately that may
be part of some name or not. I will encounter them again and correct the

The cost to you is reading my message below if you will. If not, I still hope
you enjoyed the poem!

©2012  by Carl Watts/  04/13/12
Mirror Looking Back

What is the highest purpose in this universe?
For homosapiens, is it merely survival?
Surely survival is a high goal, right?

Does the physical universe and all in it
Run cycles from start through change
And do not all living forms eventually die?

Physical objects come to be, start
They change and endure
But do not all things end?

In this universe, do not things all go the same way?
But what about YOU? The YOU that has a body
Do YOU follow the physical universe pattern!

What if not, no concerned with survival or death
What would be YOUR purpose in this universe?
Why are people lonely when alone?

Why is an empty stadium or theater not so happy?
Is having an audience important, but why?
Very few choose to live alone intentionally, why?

Why is looking into a mirror not gratifying?
Does the mirror actually look back or only reflect?
Who sees your beingness and action when you're alone?

What effects do YOU create when you're alone?
Maybe YOU create art today for others to view?
But if no one sees YOUR art, what did you fail to do?

Can YOU talk to someone who is not listening?
Do YOU expect answers when they didn't hear?
Music playing when no one is there, only air, why?

YOU must have a live person to perceive your creations
YOUR art, speech,  products must be received/perceived
If no one perceives, YOU have failed to create an effect.

Mirrors do not perceive, beings perceive.
Mirrors can not respond to beauty or other
Mirrors can only reflect with no effect created

Mirrors never look back :-)
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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