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Mind Reading or Telepathy

What if you pretended you could not read minds?

Let’s do a survey!

Have you ever known who was calling you?
Have you ever known what someone was about to say?
Have you ever known your child was not telling the truth?

How do people do this? Chance or luck?

It could be but that doesn’t really make sense. It happens too often and you
just know!

Almost anyone believes people can read minds.

Only the “scientist” makes less of the idea because they have difficult
duplicating the action in a lab.

Why can’t they duplicate telepathy in the lab? Everyone has been around
doctors, hospitals etc. It’s not a healthy environment. But it is more than that.

Let me tell you a story:

    I once handled a child on his aggression towards others. Here was the
    scene. This youngster, about 14, was super competitive. He wanted to
    win. He wanted to win so much he spent a lot of time making the others
    lose. It was effective but upsetting and children do not hide their upset
    like many adults will.

    I got him to see that he was already better at the sport than his
    opponents and all he needed to do was to play and win. He didn’t need
    to spend time making them lose. This handled him as he was confident
    enough to trust his abilities and didn’t need to suppress his opponents.

It’s my opinion that scientist, who can’t explain telepathy, do not want anyone
to demonstrate the ability. They are far too much into "matter," mud, and don’t
think man is anything more than a bunch of chemicals animated by sheer
chance. They are pretty blind to what you and I can see. Perhaps they are
“More educated” but I simply can’t believe they are wiser or happier.

Scientist don’t understand the human mind! They deny
the human spirit even exist!

So under their invalidating and restricting rules, almost no one will do well at
anything. Their failures are manufactured by themselves.

This actually could be intentional! As a mindless mass of chemicals can be
drugged or carved up with no remorse, like an animal is slaughtered. There

is no spirit or soul per the psychologist. Drug them, shock them. They are all
bad. So telepathy can't exist!

Well they, the scientist, are wrong again. Man is not basically bad despite his
efforts to show he is at times. The earth is not flat. Life is more than a
statistically impossible combination of chemicals….

So back to my original question, “What if you pretended
you could not read minds?”

Well, you’d be doing exactly what you’re doing right now! You can read

minds. Perhaps not all the time, sometimes you're wrong. But the number of
times people are totally correct are numerous.

Example of being wrong

I'm very good at reading what the driver in front of me will do. Sometimes, I
think they are going to turn right. They didn't but the car in front of them did.
Or they fail to turn at the corner and drive another block and then turn.

Practice it without telling others.

Enjoy your successes. Don’t worry about the failures because you’ve been
told countless times in sooooo many ways, you can't read minds or know what
others are thinking. Sometimes, their thoughts are so unclear, even they don’t
know what they are thinking.

Other times, you’ll know which way they are going or what they are going to
say before they do.

Once you get good at it we can get together and share notes.

Contact Me!

    PS Don’t tell the government or you could become their latest national
    secret, locked away for national insecurity, I mean Homeless security.
    No it's called homeland restriction or interstate security barriers. Bear
    with me, I’ll get it right soon: the Homeless Police suppression group.
    Oh what is the terrorist group called, the ones spying on us? You know
    all the new cameras? But thought police can't be real, can it!

    Contact  me if you figure out the correct name for the latest government
    police force which thinks finger printing American’s leaving the country
    is national security!

    OH! I remember, it’s big brother. No, that’s another story…..

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