So many times from the sea,
A mermaid, I had hoped to see.
A mermaid, who grew up in the sea.
I know it was a silly notion
To hope to find love in the ocean

But the waves beckoned me out
Hopes of a mermaid made me shout.
From swimming the sea, she’d not be stout.
Lithe, beautiful, and friendly with me,
I’m looking for a beautiful vision from the sea.

I can imagine her flying and splashing
Swimming and smiling, a lovely figure dashing
A figure like a goddess, beauty flashing
You can feel the pull of this being
She is warmth, love and revealing!

I watched her go through my mind
But she doesn’t notice people of my kind
She was from the ocean with a different behind
Still she flashed across my imagination
Beauty and grace, lovely, with no reservation

That’s all there is about the mermaid tale though the longing is still there
I have a lot more visions to share and to tell, it’s just not polite to stare
But don’t worry, my creations aren’t from hell, those are contained down there.
Visions I have of freedom, huge spaces and lots of light.
I create visions intended to delight.

The mermaid would have it so.

©2009 Carl Watts
Mermaid Visions
Page created 1/5/09 modified 11/11/09
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