Mary Watts' Family Photos
Page created 12/30/08
Picture in Owensboro, KY of Larry and Benita Riney and Mary
On the left is Larry Riney,
Mary's father. Then Mary and
to her right is Aunt Susie, who
is a Nun and then Benita,
Mary's mom. Picture was
taken Sept 2007 in
Owensboro, KY.

We were on our honeymoon!

On the upper right, we have
Mary's sister Janet and her
husband, Chris May. They live
in Owensboro too.

On the lower right, we have
Chris and his beautiful
airplane. Chris spent
thousands of hours building
this plane. He's an electrician
and a pilot too!
Mary Watts' sister Janet and her husband Chris
This is Mary's brother-in-law Chris, his beautiful airplane he built, Carl and Larry Riney, Mary's dad
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