Martian Barber Shop, Letter to Grandpa

1 Augtember* 2028, Martian Town, Mars

Dear Grandpa,

I just landed today. I’m in Martian Town this time.

It is a cold Friday afternoon at the space port. It’s always cold to me.

I have just gotten in from three months asteroid mining. Yes, I still like it and the pay is really good.

I have a great crew and we work hard.

But after three months, it is really good to have solid ground under my feet with some real gravity, even if the gravity is only
Martian light gravity.

My crew is off to do their usual wind down and relief from being cooped up on a small tin can in deep space. They will
probably all be drunk or at home with their wife or sweetheart within a couple hours.

As you know, I am not a drinker or married, I just want a good hair cut.

I came over here to where the only barber shop was that did Martian and Earthling hair cuts.

It’s late and I got there just in time. They are sweeping up the clipping from the Martian hair cuts.

I thought you might be interested in a first hand look at Martian hair. So I took this picture of the clipping
s. There is a space
ship in the background.

Hope you and grandmother are doing well. Write me or email me soon.

Give my love to all the family!

I’ll see you in a couple years, Earth Years.


Captain John Bravard,
Spaceship Glorious, Mars Based

P.S. Yes, it is green here just like on parts of Earth! The red they always show is just dust that is almost always floating all
over the planet. These green plants can survive -100 degrees Fahrenheit .


*"Augtember" is one of the extra months they have on the Martian calendar to make up for the longer years. The years are kept constant with Earth for

For information on the “hair” or the “Spaceship” contact Carl. (-:

An additional interesting bit of data is when I had my wife read this, "Rocket Man" as playing in the background. I'd love to insert the music but don't
believe I could do this legally. If you know how I could do this legally, let me
know! Thanks, Carl

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