Marriage Equality?          

I've heard the term “Marriage Equality” thrown around by many groups.

So I thought I'd give my “edjumcated” two cents worth of opinion!

What is Equality?

What can you tell me is equal to anything else? Anything?

Are you going to say one apple is the same as another or a dollar is a dollar?

I bet you can't even find two apples that look the same much less weigh or
taste the same.

And have you ever looked at dollar bills, they have serial numbers that are
unique to each bill!

I guarantee I can shoot down very quick any example of equality in this

“Equality” as an Idea!

Now you can have the idea of equality. Sure and that's fine. But the moment
you bring an idea into this universe it ceases to be an idea and does not work.

In mathematics, one only equals one as long as its an abstract idea!

How about Marriage?

Much fuss about marriage is the legality of it.

But what does the law have to do with marriage? Absolutely NOTHING!

Now people that want government benefits want the law to approve of their
marriage so they “qualify”. The government has no business in being involved
in our marriages or our sex lives.

They certainty can't run their lives, why should they be allowed to govern
ours? Ask Al Gore's wife!

Marriage is Created between Two People.

Marriage is an agreement between to people. There is no restriction on that.
NONE at all.

Well, I guess there is. To get married, you both have to be human. Animals
don't bother with licenses nor do they receive government benefits! They mate
at the moment and may or may not hang around!

Oh as an aside, having children should not entitle anyone to my tax money!
Being an illegal immigrant doesn't entitle anyone to my tax dollars.

Personally I really don't like the government rewarding people that do not
work! That is criminal.

Back to Marriage Equality.

Do you think people are equal?

Even the law, which says people are equal under the law, doesn't
demonstrate it. Do you have lots of money? You have more “rights” than if
you're broke!

Broke people get screwed routinely. The people, with money, can fight the
system and win!

Equality In Your Family Perhaps?

Who were you equal to in your family? I can tell you that in my family, I was the
oldest child and no one was my equal. Dad, of course, was the king of the hill!

How about my own wife? No way in the world are we equal. She's a woman
I'm happy to say!

We each have your strengths and areas of knowledge. She's a power house!
I'm an atomic flame.

We do not compete. We work together.

What is Marriage Equality about?

Its about people wanting to take advantage of the system.

Normal people do not need to take advantage! The cooperate and produce
and survive together!

It is my opinion that Marriage Equality is about eroding the existing standards
of the family.

Destruction of the Family.

The destruction of the family unit will go a long ways to enslaving humanity. I
see “Marriage Equality” as part of this effort!

Am I correct of is this just my opinion? Look around! What do you see?

Marriage Equality Is an Attack on Religion

Forever, the churches have had their finger in marriages. Its part of their
efforts to control.

However, religion has been a stable point for humanity. Good or bad, religion
has offered hope.

Marriage equality attacks the religious aspect of marriage. Marriage equality is
only interested in government approval, ie money!


I am anti-Marriage Equality.

It does not, can not ever exist in reality.

It is a covert attempt to degrade humanity. I believe it to be a tool used to
weaken humanity in an effort to enslave us all.

I believe I've state my point. However there's more below!

©2006-2014 Carl Watts 070413
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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