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Marcy Eiben in her wedding dress with the ocean behind her
10/4/08 Marcy official wedding.
Marcy is pregnant in this picture don't know if its a boy or a girl yet
To the right Marcy is pregnant with her first child in
about Oct 2008.

Marcy is also a contributing artist to this site.

See a list of her Poems,
Click here

See some of her drawings/paintings, Click here.
Below, Carl,
Mary and Marcy are at a WFG Convention
in Los Angeles, 3/7/08
Carl, Mary and Marcy at a World Financial Group convention 3/7/08 Los Angeles, CA

When you were born, I think you may have expected something else.
You weren’t happy for a little while and didn’t like how things were.
But quickly you changed, learning to walk early and bouncing since then.
You’ve always been beautiful, but my how you’ve changed.

I remember you and your sister running as a pair; jumping into my bed.
You were told, wait until the lights come on outside. That worked.
Soon, you were more independent; beautifully growing up.
You couldn’t wait to start school, less than four years old. You did well.

Always you wanted to go and do things. Sometimes I even let you.
In many ways, you were on your own very early in life, always confident.
I wanted the best for you but sometimes I didn’t know what to do.
Somehow you survived it all and now you’re all grown up.

As a child you loved to draw and paint. You created beauty on canvas.
You’ve grown into a beautiful talented woman, an artist with persistence.
Life hasn’t always been smooth for you; many times I wasn’t there for you.
I always supported you in your decisions; sometimes, I even agreed.

But agree or not, you did well. Now your life is taking off with new life.
Your future, your happiness and success in life, is very important to me.
I’m so happy you have a partner to take care of you and to grow up with you.
That you are my friend and that I am your friend is something I hold dear.

You know, I believe, I’m always near; always hold you special in my heart.
Please keep me as your friend; don’t stay away for too long, phone or email
You know I’m ready to help you, your family, in any way I can.
I will always love, admire and respect you very much.

Your Daddy
Marcy Eiben
Photos Below!
Visit Marcy's website:
Visit Marcy's website:
Theresa and Marcy May 2010
Marcy, Sierra and Carl on 2/14/10
Marcy in the background with Sierra. Aiden in the forground
Marcy Jan 2012 Photo Shoot to the left!
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