The Man and Life

This is a short poem I wrote to someone very special in
my life, Emily LaVonne Watts 3/13/47- 4/27/07.

I hope you enjoy it

Life started long ago, the man young, not too smart.

He learned, he would grow, a woman he came to know.

Their meeting was fleeting, their motions retreating.

She came to stay, the very first day.

The journey had been often tempestuous,
many moments sumptuous.

She was faithful, he, never hateful.

She gave her all, hoped he’d never fall.  

Children were many, life of plenty.

Happiness was abundant, he sometimes redundant.

The man, still not too smart, grew to love her from the start.

When she was in the neighborhood, his was life good.

Her warmth, through the years, quieted his fears.

For his lover, his love continued, his children’s mother.

The End.

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