"Live Every Day As If It Is Your Last"?         1/10/14

I read the above just prior to writing this article.

While there maybe some merit (worth) behind this saying, I find it very

What do we try to teach our young?

Do we want them to be prepared for tomorrow? Do we want them to plan for

a future?

I can assure you that I want this for my family and friends. I want this for all.

What Comes Around Goes Around

We've all heard this saying. Most of us, I believe, have probably observed it.

What you may not see is that even if something doesn't come back
immediately, IT WILL come back in the future.

If you want to be happy, make others happy. Living for the moment displays
apathy for the future! No one is happy with that in the long run!

How you act definitely effects others and your future!

Living today with NO RESPONSIBILITY for tomorrow is extremely dangerous.
Drugs promote this kind of thinking!


People on drugs can not well think about the future. Criminals have the exact
same difficulty.

Lacking a concept of the future or survival, any action is okay to get more
drugs. Almost all criminals are on drugs hence their crimes. They do not work
so must resort to crime to pay for their food and drugs.

They live every day as if it is their last! Sadly for many, today may be their last
day. Death from over dose or violence is very common!


Teenagers can easily get caught up in the moment. If there is “no tomorrow”
why not indulge in sex now and damn the consequences?

You see my point?


There are times in almost any profession where things simply seem to go
wrong. This can create a frustration of magnitude (a large frustration)!

Should we live for the moment and quit? Why not? Today maybe the last day
of our lives!

But most likely, tomorrow will come and we will still need an income!

End of the World or Doom

So many people profit from making the environment dangerous. The news
media is one industry that promotes doom and profits from it.

They would like you to live today like there's no tomorrow. Buy our paper and
see how bad it is over there!

The more deaths, the more destruction, the happier the news media is.

All this bad news, reduces your reach into the future. They seek to collapse
you into the past. I suggest avoiding the news media!

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Having goals in life help create a future. Living like there is no tomorrow is
destructive of future.

Men and women survive only as well as they have goals. Men and women

are only as happy as they have dreams and goals.

I intend to live like there is a tomorrow and much more beyond. I welcome you
to join me!

I've created some goals I'd like to see achieved.
New Civilization gives these

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Monday, Monday.

Our Future

With or without goals, you will be here tomorrow and many many more
tomorrows. Your world, your life will be exactly as you created it or failed to
create it!

The question is will you be happy and causing your life or be being swept
along like a leaf in a storm.

Earth is a storm taking place. You can power through this "storm" or be
swallowed up.

AwesomeTeam was created to help us stay on top of life's ups and downs!
We are making a positive impact.

You are Important!

I am living today creating my future, the world's future. Fortunately or
unfortunately, I am and so are you!

What kind of world do you want? I want a
New Civilization!

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question
you'd like expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about.
Happy to do so as I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site

by going here!

GodFather Advice"
"Listen and Guide, Someone to."

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