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Limitation by Confrontation

If I am all, I am all.
I play and I’m both sides
There is no game when I control both hands
No game when I sit on both sides of the board

So I decide to be one side and not the other
Ah, now there’s a game. What will they do?
By being one side, I don’t know.
By being the other side, they don’t know.

So as long as I am only me and you are only you,
So as long as we agree, we have a game.
But sometimes, I do know
I know that sometimes you know

I guess we slip up on following the rules
Those rules that are made up lies, barriers
Lies we know we must follow, not know truth
Lies, rules that we have forgotten

Now, ignorant, we are trapped by the rules
We are trapped by the lies, by barriers
Trapped by shadows created by us,
You are over there, not here!
More and more effect of the barriers

Doomed to be trapped more and more?
NO! I say not.

You, just take a look. Can you not see through?
What is in front of you? Science says it’s not solid
So look through, not with your eyes
YOU look! You can see. You can be!

The barriers get thin when you start to look
If they get thin enough, you are free
Free to be anywhere you say
Free to play!
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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