Bright light flashed
Cold breeze dashed
Sounds assaulted
Life restarted, I was exalted

A new joyful adventure, I began
Problems arose, difficult using my hand
With many tumbles, I learned
New things uncovered at every turn

Soon the horizon, I gave my attention
Others came to view, requiring mention
Things kept changing, rapid was the motion
Others communicated, creating lots of emotion.

Back and forth, life ebbed and flowed its long windy course
A partner I chose, joy and beauty, rapid emotions like riding a horse
We started as two, soon our family grew
Time went a long, they tumbled and flew

So many were the joys, the girls, the boys, we expanded
Sadness too, they grew and soon we were left empty handed.
No sooner than we were ready, a big house and family van
Left alone, by ourselves, the big house, the family van, not in demand

Ah but there is more, they still need us and the family grows
The little ones grown, our best friends, the heart warmth glows
For those moments alone, take your B1
* and know life goes on.
Your spirits high! Wiser now! Set a good example from the throne.

When it seems the darkest, the body seems to be going
Just remember, the flash of light, the cool breeze blowing.
Recall the sounds, the adventure beginning.
This story goes on! A new beginning is a happy ending

I’ll watch you read this in the distance.
I know you’re smiling in despite your resistance.
Such a jewel you are, a work of art
I’m proud to know you in my heart.

I’ll never go away.
I’m going to stay.
They’ll stay too.
They’ll be with you.

©2009 Carl Watts
*B1 is short for
Vitamin B1
Life, What a Marvelous Game
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