Leader or Follower?                                                              9/17/13

"To Be or Not to BE?"

I thought up this title and wrote it down to write an article.

First there is nothing wrong with being a follower. I follow many people to
greater or lessor degree.

For example, if my wife said a store was in a certain direction. I went as she
directed. Following her directions had nothing to do with the fact her memory
of the location was incorrect.

It was not and is not my place to make my wife wrong. So I drove to where
she said to go. When we got there, what we were looking for was not there.

At that point, I asked if she'd be willing to go where I thought the store was
located. Of course she agreed and I drove exactly where it was.

The point is I followed her lead even thought I knew better. Driving around a
few minutes versus making my wife wrong was the correct thing to do.

Others with More Knowledge or Determination

I'm willing to follow people that have more knowledge than I do. There are
many areas I am not an expert in such as computers, finishing concrete,
gardening...the list is huge.

There are people that push harder in certain areas than I do for whatever
reason. I may choose to follow them as support or not. It depends on my
overall view.

Cause and Effect

I've written about this is a couple articles earlier so I'll just cut and paste:

Governments, Solution For, from the section "Cause and Effect":

    In communication, the point where a communication comes from is
    cause. I sent a communication to someone, I am cause point for that

    The receiving point is effect. For example, I say hello to you, I am cause.
    You hear and you're effect.

    Then you say hi and you're now cause and I'm effect.

    What happens when the government machine issues a new law, policy,
    directive, tax, ruling, or takes action, etc? The machine (government) is
    being cause. You become EFFECT!

    Arresting citizens, they don't like, is an action and is a communication. It
    puts the machine in a cause position.

    To become CAUSE, you have to communicate to the machine. Anything!

    As I mention, I'd suggest asking questions. By asking you become

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How To Be CAUSE.

Stress Re-Defined, from the section "Two Other Words":

    Cause: the source point of something. I am being cause by writing this.
    It the source of an outflow of something.

    Effect: the receipt point which you're being by receiving my
    communication. It is the point that is receiving something.

    In communication, we talk back and forth. Each time we do this, we
    change from cause to effect back to cause and so on.

Leader or Follower

Those are simply cause or effect viewpoints.  When you follow, you simply
allow the leader to be cause.

When you do this knowingly, you are being cause and choosing to follow.

As the Leader, you have the responsibility of leading in a prosurvival
direction. You must take into account the effects of your leadership on your

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A bad example is someone who leads a nation into destruction such as Hitler
or Obama.

The authors of the Constitution were good examples of Leaders. They were
looking out for their followers even future generations of followers.

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There is another category of people. Spectators are relevant to this article.

That is a person that doesn't get involved. They are likely to be sheeple as
discussed in
Ethical* Activism vs Sheeple*.

But they can be even worse. No voice, no action. Probably no employment,
taking money from the government.

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In other words, slaves to the system, leaches on society.

Should society collapse, these spectators will riot, burn, destroy, steal and

They will not be leaders. They will be lead my some cowardly instigator.
They will destroy everything belonging to others.

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Where you fit into the future will be based on your decisions to lead, follow or
watch. There is no disgrace to follow.

Spectators are doing the best they can. Unfortunately it is at the expense of
the rest of us. IE welfare, illegal immigrants, criminals, most
government/politicians, ALL #banksters, #bigPharma, #IRS, #psychs,
parking/traffic enforcement (robbers) and other parasites!

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