Is This Why You...?

I'm testing my observations.

Why People DO NOT Read Articles

The biggest reason people do not read articles is that the title does not

create interest.  Would you agree with this?

Next is the title is vague or confusing. I saw this happen when I wrote the
article about "
Unfollowing Monitoring Services". Because of abbreviations,
many people thought I was unfollowing them.

Which brings of the last  reason. That some people might not know that an
article title followed a web page address, if clicked on, will take them to the

I've had people ask me what an article was about many times. I aways tell
them to click the link which I give them again at that time. An article doesn't

fit into 140 characters very well :-)

If you have a different perspective I'd like to hear about it.

I would also really appreciate your


#AwesomeTeam I have ceased to play #FollowFriday the way I was playing.
here to read that.

It is a very successful method. But I became too big and to mention all the
people I wanted to and was annoying others; especially newer people that
follow only a few.

I was sending out over 500 tweets between Thursday evening and Friday.
That a lot if you see it over and over!

#FollowFriday will be incorporated into my normal tweets and spread out
over the week. I will still play intensely on Thursday and Friday acknowledging
#AwesomeTeam   :-)


I created a roster where I grant a #License2Survive to anyone requesting one.

But I promote you. I link to your site. You will get my attention and help to the
utmost of my ability. Please read the article beneath the first 30 names.
#License2Survive Roster.

©2011  by Carl Watts/ 9/16/11 edited 111912
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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