Interesting? Or Interested?


A diamond or a beautiful girl is interesting. The diamond or the girl has your
attention, right! The diamond or the girl is at the effect of your attention.

Yes, the girl (or guy) is at your effect.

Just recall a time you look a little too hard or too long and the girl responded...
maybe with a smile or maybe with a frown. Her response would have been
based on your intention and thought and her attitude at that moment. A
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If you are being “interesting”, you are looking for attention, an inward flow.
“Interesting” is not extroverted.  Something or someone being interesting will
be pulling flows directly inwards.  

Actors do this all the time very well.  

Have you every noticed how really famous people, who are so interesting, are
often not happy?  Who do you know that is happy? Are they interested in life,
living, others or are they trying to attract attention?


“Interested” can means some action or state of being exist! Little children are
interested! The little children are looking or listening to something. Their
attention is on something. They are generally happy.

I am interested. I have little desire to be truly “interesting”.  If you are
interested, you are looking out, extroverted!  I am interested.

I may present interesting facts but that is not me. I may pose interesting
questions but those are not me.  


When I read profiles, I see many that are trying to be interesting.  Related

There are those that explain how ill they are and the illnesses they have
survived.  It is impressive to have survived the treatments for cancer.  

Illness is very popular subject since it seems the majority of the adult
population is ill even if not yet diagnosed by the doctors.  

The diets of poor and adulterated foods, toxins in the air and water and let us
not forget the radiation exposure we are all getting.  Related article:
on Earth

Have you noticed that?

But illness is an interesting subject!

Often they will give their education or business position to impress.

To impress someone is to be interesting in a official or big way.

There is nothing wrong with impressing people. If you don't do that some,
people will often pay no attention to you.

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Profiles and So You have A Medical Condition

Receiving attention

Life is a game. It takes at least two to play the game.

Any time you communicate, you must have the attention of the other person to
effect communication. If they don't notice you, there is no person to receive
your communication and it simply will not work.

If you have a lot of followers on a social network, you are interesting even if
you aren't trying to be. If you were not seeking some attention, you would not
be on the social network.


Have you ever seen someone acting all weird to get attention? Have you
seen someone acting like someone else in an attempt to be liked?

This is very easily observed in children trying to impress and fit in.

A truth I believe in is that I am interesting to others
only when I am being my self.

I am not my job. Poet simply describes what I do sometimes and perhaps how
I think about things.

I am not my physical condition. I don't brag about it but my over all health is
spectacular. I keep up with people much younger than myself on the same

I am not my knowledge. My knowledge is used me and helps keep me happy
and healthy.

I am not my race. Being “white” has nothing to do with who I am nor what I'm
trying to accomplish in life.

I am not my body though people identify me by seeing it. I wrote a poem you
might like:

I am simply me. No thing of any type, nothing else.

Interested in being Interesting!

That seems almost a conflict considering my examples and words above.

I am interested in being interesting. That is why
I write!

This gets me attention and helps me grow.

This all fits into my plan!

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