Instigators (Haters, Trolls, Low Life, Etc!)

Instigators, Agitators, Provocateurs

What motivates an instigator?

Why do they seem not to listen to reason?

Why are they so easily upset?

What makes them dangerous?

How do you spot an instigator?

Did you hear about the Army Corps of Engineers attacking people via the
internet from within government offices? They were attacking people who
spoke out about the poor handling of the levies in the Katrina disaster?

Well, apparently it happened.

Update 09/04/11:
Exposed: Military contractors hired to create fake Facebook
accounts, infiltrate opposing groups!

Some time ago, I posted data on the risky business of using Teflon type pans.
I received a very make wrong response from one man.  I assumed he has
financial ties to the industry or is simply paid to create upset and chaos with

Have you noticed that on so many great videos or blogs there seems to be
one or more jerks that make less of others, the subject, the talent? They seek
to engage people in disrupting communication, to pull everyone down.

Very often, someone I've never communicated with will launch an attack at me
such as the following example:

One guy was very covert and said “You don't get out much, do you?”

I queried him about answering my general question with a question like that.
He responded “it was sarcasm.” I promptly blocked him.

My question was merely a request for people to think for themselves. His
response was to covertly attacked me.

What motivates an instigator?

They are afraid and a bit insane. Their motivation is to make less of others so
they will be safe.

They really don't reason well. Their thought is to cut people down so that they
can be
controlled, sickened or dead.

Why do they seem to not listen to reason?

Again, they are a bit insane. They are reacting not reasoning. Many of their
responses, if not all, are mental recordings or mental circuits.

They don't listen and they are not in communication. With instigators,
primarily, you are dealing with mental circuits, insanity.

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Why are they so easily upset?

They are easily upset because they have committed harmful acts against
many on a routine basis.

If you question them, they react most often by getting upset. They go down
the emotional tone scale to what they hope is a safer tone. See the article
Emotional Tone Scale.

What makes them dangerous?

They are dangerous because they are very covert in many cases. They smile
while cutting you to ribbons. They deny the attack telling you it's for your own

See my article on “
Who has the Right to Insult You.

The communist, the pervert,
the psych, andmost politicians are in this

How to spot an instigator.

It is simple but difficult at the same time, I'll explain.

When someone does or says something that makes you feel less happy or
less confident, they have just attacked you covertly. Your emotional tone will
drop. You may get confused!

You may not even know what it was they said that effected you, but it's there.

It's difficult because they smile and deny. They continue their artificial
cheerfulness and deny any activity you suspect.

If you know one of these folks, they are nervous, jittery, uncomfortable. It is

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Now What?

Look around in your environment. Who consistently creates upsets, makes
less of you and others?

Know them by their actions. They ARE NOT your friends.

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