Update 3/25/13: Due to the heavy chemtrail spraying of Los Angeles, I just purchased two ionic air
purifiers for my cars. Some additional information: Home Air Purifiers: How Does An Ionizer Work?

Don't wait until further disaster strikes.

Just about every thing I've read says your body is deficient, short, of iodine. You need to handle that as
soon as possible. I have three forms of iodine. I've also listed the brand Dr. Pepi, DC, recommends. I do
trust her. There are two brands displayed on the right.

Supplement to Handle Radiation: Niacin is the next topic.

I have listed the brand I own and it's displayed in the above. It is the best buy for the money and last a
very long time, long shelf life.

On taking niacin, start with a small amount. You will flush, feel like a huge sunburn. It will only last a few
minutes to an hour. THAT IS NORMAL AND WILL NOT HURT YOU. Start low, about 25 mg or less and
build up. This is not medical advice nor will it cure you. But it might save your life. Flush free naicinamide
does not assist in handling radiation and is worthless.

Considering the ambient radiation levels, I would highly suggest you start a supplement regimentation
including niacin NOW. Get the get the book
Clear Mind Clear Body for supplement ideas. Consult your
health care professional.

For more information about radiation order the book
"Clear Mind Clear Body" as displayed on the left. Or
check it out from your library. It gives data on radiation and how to get it out of your body. It describes the
"Purification Rundown." I've done this rundown. I will survive radiation better than those around me
because I DO NOT have a life time accumulation. Radiation is accumulative unless you take action to
remove it from your body.

But do something to strengthen your immune system to sustain yourself as you are absorbing radiation
from Japan and will be for some time to come.

Revision of 4/8/11:  From book "All About Radiation"*:

Page 17: "...it appears possible to "proof up" the body so that it is not so susceptible to damage.
Research has shown this to be possible by maintaining a nutrient-rich, additive-free diet and by
supplementing the diet with
antioxidant-rich nutrients." ... "An apparently very effective way to proof up
the body against possible future stress is by reducing the foreign chemical load already stored in the

Page 18: "Effective
chemical detoxification therefore gives us hope that not only can the effects of
radiation be reduced, but that resistance to further exposure can be increased."

See book
"Clear Body, Clear Mind" for information about the "Purification Rundown" to remove stored
toxins, the "chemical load" mentioned above.

09/27/13 As far as I know Fukushima is still spreading radiation unabated. I found this article and it is of

AlignLife.com: Get Maximum Protection from Radiation with Spirulina and Chlorella...click to read!
Insulin is the Fat Storing Hormone...click to read!

I wish you well. Let me know if you have worries or need assistance with anything. I will do what I can
even if it's only to listen to you.

©2011  by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com Edited several times, latest 113012 010612 092713
Disaster Preparations

Earthquakes! Nuclear radiation! Hurricanes!
Tsunamis! Economic Turmoil! Government
Insanity! Explosions! Sink holes! Government
The most dangerous of them all. Oops I already
listed this :-)

I never wish to sound like the media and make this a
dangerous environment! However, 12/11/11 this article is as
true and important as it was in April 2011.
I believe today,
4/26/12, 10/4/12, 11/30/12, it is more vital than ever that you
make preparations to safeguard yourself and your family.

There is immediate danger.

Update 4/26/12: The Fukushima Disaster has not been
handled even to the slightest degree and stands to get a lot
worse. There is late information
here as to why I say that.
Click to view.

Radiation levels, as of 3/31/12 in Santa Monica, CA, were
five times normal. Yet you hear nothing from the media.
here for the information.

11/6/2014 They are making some progress. At the same time:
Radiation levels at Fukushima rise to record highs after

Did you hear about the Japanese buying out all the bottled
water because of the radiation in April 2011?

How many of them would have done better if they had a 55
gallon drum of water sitting in their back yard or closet? Were
they not is such a tough position, they would probably regret
not preparing for disaster. Later, if they survive, they can go
out of present time and experience the regret.

How about you? Are you prepared? Or will you be SOL (sorry
out of luck :-)


I'm going to give you my opinions. From the links I've posted
you can assume I am widely read on radiation and I do know
how to handle it.

It is my hope with some preparations we can all survive it!


Most people have some food on hand. It would be wise to
stock up on some items. I'll let you decide what's needed to
Don't think short terms. Japan has been in a total
mess for over a year! 11/30/12 update: Japan is more
dangerous than ever. Reactor 4 could damage humanity's
chance of surviving.

Water Storage

You are likely to need a supply of water. To avoid consuming
as much radiation as possible, you need to filter your water if
you have any!

To safe guard, purchase a 55 gallon barrel. You can probable
find cheaper than ordering from Amazon but it is convenient.  I
own two 55 gallon barrels same as displayed on the left and
they are filled with filtered water.

Water Filtration

Get a reverse osmosis water filtration system installed as see
on the right. Again, you can find cheaper than Amazon, I got
mine at Costco. I own one and have installed these systems
(or older models) in all my children's homes and my sisters
home. I am a believer. (There may be better filters.  I've been
trying to figure out what best that can be afforded. Feel free to
research this and remember these are my opinions.)

If you loose water pressure, as a lot of area in Japan did, no
running water, you will need a gravity flow filtration to filter the
water from your barrel.

I own the
Wellness Carafe as displayed on the left. I own two
of the
Wellness Enhanced Large Water Bottles also displayed
on the left. I send Mary off to work with each day with her
bottle. (Mary, my wife, is @MaryHWatts, follow her. Her
account could act as a backup should Twitter lose it's sanity
and suspend my account again and not reinstate me.)

Air Filtration

I own two Living Air units as displayed on the right slightly up.
They were great. I recommend them. While no one has said
much about radiation in the air you breath, it is there. Filtering
your air may or may not help. I guarantee it will not hurt. In my
opinion, it is a very good idea now and will always be in the
future. Just think of the chemtrails which are a fact.

I've read recently that hepa air filtrations systems are a good
idea. I also own two of those. You can get these at Home
Depot or Lowes. But I believe any air filtration would be a
good idea.
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