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Immortality a goal of man
Immortality the promise of religion
Immortality the fear of governments
Immortality the actuality of the spirit of man

The spirit of man is
The spirit of man always will be
The spirit of man has been added to
The spirit of man has been hidden

Too much forgotten
Too much agreement
Too much fear
Too much suppression

Man has denied himself
Man has forgotten
Man has withdrawn
Man has the potential

The spirit is still there
Never lessened
The spirit is immortal
You are that immortal spirit

Do you believe otherwise
Scary knowing you're immortal
At the same time, calming
You are an immortal spirit

All men are immortal spirits
Immortality has been denied for control
Knowledge is freedom
Be free, be an immortal spirit

Your body will die, again and again
Houses, cultures crumble
Planets fade, time goes by
Immortal spirits never die

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PS: I can hear you now saying how do I know? Or he's wrong etc. Let me point
out that you have no proof you are not immortal.

You say, I can't remember. Really? With a little help you could probably very
easily. If you've really been hammered by life severely, you might require a lot of
help, but remember you would.

Truth communicates. I'm communicating with you♥         Life is grand!

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