I watched her as she walked up to where I was
She was young, trim and very sizzlingly attractive
So attractive that all the men locked in on her approach
Her fluid motion was a talent she had developed well

Her garb was cut to please a man’s eye
This was not girl child, a woman of beauty and desire
The men couldn’t look away from her, she held them captive
It was clear that she was drawing them in to her web of attraction

I watched all this with a grin, what a beautiful sight!
Her attraction caused a warmth more than the sun
So pleasant to enjoy, makes me wish I was a younger boy.
Ah the delight, firm and deliciously tight, Desiree.

This woman was going to be an incredible prize
Some man she would take to her side
He’d be a lucky man, happy man, caught in her spell
Her captive, this lady would see to it, I thought with a grin.

Ah such a lovely sight
A beauty to remember and I will
But I mustn’t linger any longer
Life goes on; I mustn’t break her spell.

So I’ll walk away, enjoying her desirous flows
To remember them again fondly on another day.
She will make me warm some rainy afternoon.
What an imagination I have! Ah Desiree!

©2009 Carl Watts www.carlwattsartist.com
Imagining Desiree
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