Imagine Japan Sunny Safe Again

It is clear that the godless scientists have no solution
No solution for their endless nuclear radiation pollution
The answers will not come from science
Their solutions have brought only silence.

So I turn to the forces of Life that are you
I grant you power, beingness to see through
To see through the eons of lies put off on you
Never any ability, only disability forced on you

Not that you need my help or words
Though some may think other wards
Your ability has always been
Just your willingness seem to end

So I call on your grand imagination
All of us imagine in every nation

The laws of physics work for
only one reason
And Life has agreed on those laws for no real reason
So I ask you to
If you can do so you will be free.

But I ask for your disagreement for a reason
Many people will suffer for endless season
Unless Life, you, can imagine the radiation
Imagine it vanishing with no further irritation

Imagine the piles growing cold, turning to lead
Imagine the radioactive materials going dead
The scientists will say impossible
All your past education say impossible

See through the eons of lies put off on you
Never any ability, only disability forced on you
You can't possibly do it, they say
You don't have the wit, they say

More lies about how you're weak, powerless
Lies about how small you are, powerless
Lies about how matter energy is limitless
Lies about radiation being endless

I only ask you to imagine a better world
I ask you imagine, pray for, a better world
Imagine yourself putting out the radioactive fires
Imagine yourself damping out the fires

As a being, a spirit, you can not be harmed.
With a body, there is much reason to alarm
Ideas can penetrate and change the future
With only science, we may have no future.

There is no work or effort involved
Just get the idea, the radiation will evolve
Your abilities are immensely greater than you believe
Distance is not a barrier, though many it will deceive

Just put your attention on the radiation in Japan
Get the idea it's better than before it began
Don't tell the authorities
They'd attack us like minorities

You can be a force
Together we are force
But force alone will not handle radiation
Only an idea can, imagination

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©2011  by Carl Watts/ edited 011514
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Will this poem work? Try this
article to give you some idea:
Your Unlimited Potential.

I don't know but I know it might. If
we disagree enough, it will.

If it fails, at least we tried.

See Article:
Rule Your World.

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Do more than just RT, copy and
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Power of Intention"

If we do not succeed radiation is
going to be leaking by air and
water for a potentially very long
time poisoning our environment for
many years to come.

Chernobyl is an example of a
virtually dead zone still after 25

Japan's situation is MUCH
WORSE, spreading much further
by many orders of magnitude (10s
or 100s or 1000s of times worse).

Just send your thoughts, love,
prays, and IMAGINATION! See

this article: The Power of Your

In the end, I do believe with all
sincerity that everything will be
alright. But it could get very bad
first. Let's make an effort to vanish
this problem.

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