The Image

George was late coming home from work. The traffic was really heavy but
was moving very fast on the freeway.

As he drove, he saw two trucks trying to change lanes at the same time.
Suddenly they struck each other and there was a huge crash and explosion.
The explosion rolled and he could feel the heat coming!

For a moment, George looked and saw that edges of the scene seem to curl
back and only blackness was in view.

But as the force of the explosion diminished, the scene again became solid.

However as George looked around, he was far past the scene of the accident
and couldn’t even see it in the rear view mirror.

George drove on home dazed and confused.

He’d been heading right into a tremendously intense explosion and came out
far beyond it in normal traffic.

This explosion was to become knows as the “xplosion.”

At home he popped open a beer and turned on the tube.

The local station was showing footage of the huge pile up and the
tremendous damage done by the explosion of the fuel tankers.

Four city blocks were leveled and 43 people were killed.

George couldn’t figure out how he could have been right behind the tankers
that exploded and come out far beyond the effects of the xpulsion.

There didn’t seem to be any explanation.

Several days passed and George didn’t seem to be able to get back to


Something seemed to keep pulling him back to the explosion.

At night he would dream the explosion over and over. What kept coming up in
the dreams were the edges curling up and then he was on unobstructed

George was getting exhausted and was being unable to concentrate on his

He was a freelance write for a local magazine and all he could think of was
the mystery of driving into a huge explosion and coming out far beyond the
disaster area.

He decided he needed to investigate this.

Just the decision fired him up with energy and revitalized him. He felt alive

He took out his pad and outlined a rough plan.

First, he decided he would drive down to the area of the explosion. That was
the end of the outline that he could think of right now. But at least he could do

He grabbed his scratch pad and digital camera. He sometimes liked to draw
and sometimes, he just took pictures.

George went down stairs and entered the garage through the living room

door exit.

His Ford sedan fired up reluctantly. He really needed to stop saving every
penny and splurge on something new and fun to drive. But that would have to
wait until he solved this mystery.

He headed to the freeway and rapidly drove towards the area of the 210
freeway that was in ruins on both sides.

The xplusion had not damaged the solid concrete of the freeway but had
leveled everything on both sides and damaged much more beyond.

George slowed as he approached the area of the explosion. He didn’t see
anything beyond wreckage.

This was disappointing as he didn’t have any other ideas.

He drove beyond the area and decided he should just turn around and go

He exited the freeway and got back on heading north.

As he approached the area of the explosion, it all started to come back to him.

He saw the two trucks as if they were right in front of him now and then the
explosion. He even felt the heat on his face.

He saw the scene and again, saw the edges curling back like burning
newspaper and blackness in the middle.

But the image was gone and he was still driving down the 210 just leaving the
area of ruin.

As he drove, he realized that the scene curling back was what had kept the
whole matter alive in his life.

There are no edges to curl back in an intense explosion.

He thought about this all the way home and felt he was about to figure it out
but it kept slipping away like the memory that’s just on the tip of your tongue.

Every time he got close to it, it would vanish.

When he got home, he fixed a stake and salad. He opened a cold beer and
ate slowly.  The
memory kept nagging at him. The answer was so obvious
that it was invisible.

He went to bed early and had difficulty going to sleep.

During the night, it came to him. It wasn’t the edges! It was the blackness...

The conclusion is written,
email me to read it. Carl. Or Contact me via Twitter

Next story is named STORM GODS. Click here to enjoy.
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