Image, What Is It?                                       01/11/14

I saw a follower on Twitter smiling and wearing a tuxedo. It was a very nice

Smiling to myself, I thought I would look good dressed that way.

But then I thought, how often do I wear a tux? The truth is almost never. I
rented one for a wedding several years ago.

Wearing tux is not a correct image of me. It would be a “pretend” image.

I do construction to earn money. I wear Hawaiian shirts, shorts in the summer,
jeans in the winter and tennis shoes all year round.  

My son has asked me why I don't buy some good work boots. While that
makes sense, I'm just not a construction worker regardless of the fact I often
do those labors!

I often wear a big brim gardeners hat.  I have not seen many construction
workers doing that, maybe none at all.

When people come up to the job site, very often I'm the person they come to
to ask questions. Usually, I refer them to my son as he is the man in charge.

Very often, strangers will stop me on the street and ask me a question. It
appears I am safe to communicate with. And so I am!


I wrote an entire article on
Profiles some time ago. You can read by clicking

It is still true and accurate.

To the point here, I represent myself as friendly, willing to help and
knowledgeable. Even more important, I demonstrate this consistently and
help those I can!

Often people form opinions based on their past. They may associate me with
someone else or something. I only ask that you know me by my actions not
by your past.

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I work to share knowledge about many things I believe are of interest and
important. I have, what I consider, reliable sources and often pass these on
without a full inspection. A few times, I've had to delete as that proved to be
an error on my part. I'm talking about a couple times in many, many
thousands of tweets.

I'm extremely skilled in assisting people in working out their own personal
difficulties. It is easy to handle upsets between people in person. It is less
easy via the Internet and when I'm only getting one side of the story.

But one side is usually enough.

By the way, I'm probably more skill at helping people resolve their personal
problems than anyone else you have ever met. I know what I'm doing. Yes,
I'm very confident!

What is the Image of a Teacher or Coach?

Should I paste a halo on my profile picture? That is certainly not the direction
I want to go.

Perhaps a tweed jacket and a tobacco pipe? No, not that image.

How about a whistle and a sports jersey? No. That would not be me either.

I chose the picture of me sitting on a bench relaxed and confident. That was
me several years ago physically. I'm more relaxed and more confident than

Questions, Problems, Situations

If you have questions, problems or situations, give me a shout!

If you doubt me, you're right, it would be a waste of your time. The doubt
indicates you would not trust me from the start. It would also prove you have
not observed my actions. It would prove that you are forming opinions based
on YOUR past.

So take a bit of time and observe me and my actions. Rethink your opinion
based upon your present time observation.

If you're curious, give me a shout. Worst that can happen is I tell you that you
are hopeless and I can't help. That's never happened yet!

I wish you well. Everything will be alright!

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