I'm Sexy and I know It!

As I grew, I knew
The boys noticed, I noticed

Men started to look
Their pressure starting to cook

Inside did I dwell
Those early years were hell

Not sure what to do
Really not even a clue

As I grew I started to see the reactions
Men followed my smallest actions

For every motion there's an equal motion
For every motion I took, an equal emotion

Other women noticed how I effected
They watched their men being effected

Interesting how that works, some smiled
Others reacted, took action, they smiled!

Then there were those who had no chance
They'd just gave up not willing even to dance

Men would come as go as I choose by smile or frown
Toys to discard or heart to cherish or treat like clowns

Yes, I'm sexy and I know it, a slight look, a spirit took
Though we may never meet again, I know that look

But being sexy is not all there is to life
Just being sexy can create a lot of strife

Having a sexy man to look at me
That is the sex that sets me free


I hope you enjoyed my  poem written from the viewpoint of a sexy woman. I hope I did her justice. The cost to you is
reading my message below if you will. If not, I still hope you enjoyed the poem!

©2012  by Carl Watts/  04/30/12
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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