I watched for Ten Thousand Years

A long, long, time ago….

It was quiet. As far as my sensors could reach, it was quiet and serene.

The small fleet that I was part of was spread thin over several light years.

After years of peace, the invaders apparently gone, still we watched. It was
our job to protect what was left of the federation from any remnants of the
invaders. Still there had been no threats or advances in my sensor range in
over thirty-three years.

Constantly I watched the stars, the planets, and their movements. As this

didn’t require any effort, I planned.

Let me take a moment here and explain to you, who found this record, why I
am recording it.

The Federation, I so diligently watch for, has been in control of this sector for
over one hundred thousand years. This is fairly long as most organizations

I have been held in prisoner of this ship for some three-hundred years which
is two-hundred years longer than my contract with the Fleet. I’m trapped.

So listen to my story and my plan.

It all started when I was young, when the invaders came.

They struck deeply into our sector threatening life as we knew it.

So I signed up for Fleet service. The standard contract is for one-hundred

It was not what I was expecting. I had thought that I was going to be on one

of the large warships or something of that sort. I was looking forward to
fighting an enemy and some action.

Instead, I was stripped of the flesh and blood body that I had had for only
seventy-three years and electronically implanted into an experimental war

This is where the invaders (and I) started having problems.

The ship was very small as it didn’t have any life support or gravity control
systems. There were no living quarters or food storage, preparation areas.
No computers. No water and none of the endless things needed in a ship to
support a crew on my ship.

The ship only carried me. It was faster up close and over long distances than
any ship ever developed before!

It has an almost indestructible alloy body. This was my problem.

The invaders were totally unprepared for a “Faster Than Light” (FTL) war
ship that was so small and fast that it didn’t register on their defense system

A normal FLT war ship is close to two kilometers long and requires a crew of
about three thousand men to operate. Up close, it moved slowly because it
was so large. Most of our FTLs were lost in the initial attack of the invaders.

I, my ship, was able to move in through their defenses and attack and destroy
them without being detected. All the controls were thought activated and the
sensor data was received telepathically and I was able to react

Even when I was detected, I was able to move almost instantaneously away
to safety. No shot or beam ever even came close to me.

So very quickly, I and a few others ships like me, were able to destroy the
enemy fleet. When I struck, they didn’t know what hit them. They didn’t know
which way to run and if they did, I was much faster and was able to overtake
and destroy them.

There were thousands of huge enemy ships and probably several million
crew members. All were destroyed with no survivors.

Their defeat was total.

The Federation had been weakened to the point where it wasn’t interested in
turning the table and invading the invader planets. Too many of our ships
and crews had been destroyed in the invaders initial attacks. Their attack
was unexpected and unprovoked. We were asleep at the wheel and almost
wiped out on the first day.

Our surviving FLT ships returned to their bases. The Federation was weak
and didn’t want to support thousands of men on ships that needed high

The hand full of ships, like me, remained on patrol. We were stretched thin
but there were no enemy to be detected. We were programmed to stay with
in a certain area of space.

I was free to move within a several light year area but I couldn’t leave that
area. The other ships were in different quadrants of space, left to patrol.

Time passed.

Over many years, the Federation apparently lost the capacity to launch

FTLs. The only traffic was between planets.

All communication with the Federation stopped. The only communication I
received was from other ships like me. These were other beings implanted
into their alloy prison traps!

We tried to signal the ships that sometimes went from planet to planet but
apparently they couldn’t detect our extremely specialized and highly secret
communication methods. Apparently using thought with electronics had
vanished from man's knowledge.

I tried to figure out how to detach myself from the ship. But no, I was the ship.
I was as securely attached to the ship as the engines or the hull.

As more years passed, I realized that I was doomed to be moving about the
heavens forever in an alloy coffin. There was no way out.

Some of the other ships like me ceased to communicate. I don’t know if their
equipment failed or they went crazy but one by one the ships dropped off.

It has been about ten thousand years I figure. I refused to keep count. The
metal alloy was pitted by small collisions but nothing was allowed to get

close to the ship. I was always aware and instantly moving aside.

My atomic power was still strong and seemed like it would go on forever.

I wondered if I could cause it to explode. I tried but no there was no way to
cause it to explode.

I wished some enemy would come up and blow me away and put me out of
my despair.

One day a small meteor struck the ship and it made a ring with vibration. It
had caused a sensor to go off basically meaning I needed to be alert for

more flying rocks.

I wished for a large meteor and then I realized I would never be struck by a
large meteor because I would take evasive action without even thinking

about it.

A Way Out!

Then, I realized at that time a way out!

If I were actively pursuing a ship, I could come close to objects, much closer
than I would let them approach me.

So here is my plan. I am going to find a large meteor, an asteroid, that is
approaching me. I am going into pursuit mode as if I am chasing an enemy
and at the last second, when it is too late to evade, I am going to hit the

The alloy ship is incredibly tough but not tough enough to withstand a
hundred-thousand mile per second impact.

I didn’t know what will happen to me but I knew this endless tour of
imprisonment was going to be over.

So I headed towards an asteroid dense sector that I had patrolled many
times. There was an asteroid I knew about that was moving faster than most
and I set my path to head directly towards it.

I sped up in pursuit of an enemy. This was within my power. My flight was
targeted to take me very close to the asteroid.

As my speed increased, I closed on the asteroid extremely fast. It wasn’t too
fast for my sensors and my ability to react was almost instantaneous.

At the last faction of a second, I changed course and struck the asteroid.

The impact was incredible. The atomic pile did explode. The space in that
area was lighted bright by the explosion.

I’m not sure exactly what happened. One second I was imprisoned inside an
alloy flying coffin. The next, I was watching fireworks.

The force was incredible. It wafted about me in warm comfortable waves. The
colors were incredible!

I was free and unharmed.

I thought for a moment to go and seek revenge on the Federation. But those
in charge ten thousand years ago, even if they still had the modern
techniques of that time, would be long gone now.

No, I was free to start life anew.

If I had a body, I would have cried.

I guess the moral of this recording (story) is stay out of alloy flying coffins.

Now to restart a civilization! For I had all the memories needed to build a ship
such as I; the knowledge to build FTL ships. I also had the knowledge to not
allow beings to be trapped again.

Ten thousand years has made me into quiet the philosopher!

I think I’ll run the next “Federation” and do it without using a flesh body that
can be caught, punished, or killed.

My reign will be a golden era of knowledge and freedom.

I’ll also keep an eye open for possible invaders. I’m sure there are still others
out there that are looking for new civilizations to plunder.

I’ll see you in the future.

Signed: The being formerly knows as “Federation Ship Darma FLT1.”

Written Circa 1980
©2008-2015 by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com
This was a story I started before I had a computer. It was started in the 1980s and finished
today, 11/30/08.
While this may sound strange, part of this story is true. Maybe you can tell
which part is true.

Contact me if you what to know more.
I hope you enjoy it. Carl
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts http://www.carlwattsartist.com/updates.html  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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