Husband and Wife

This poem is the third of a series of three poems which I am calling hatting poems.
A hatting poem is written with the intention of hopefully passing on some
enlightenment & how to do something. I hope you enjoy and learn.

Happily forever after, we marry for that
She makes me happy, we want it forever

Rolling it back, we met each other, hopefully we proceeded
Attention to details, care to please our friend or lover

Thinking about the other, doing extra things to please
Creating today and tomorrow, handling the bumps on the way
Merrily we created a life, one day happily we wed

Now we have each other, no longer the same game
Not as important to take care, neglect to remember small things

Little things left unsaid, annoyances accumulated
Worse, small things harmfully done, not repairing the damage

Creating slows to a stop, endurance, now hard to change.
Still we try, try to get by, failing to handle the past or the future

Painful now, somehow, our beautiful marriage is gone
Forever happily married, seems it may not last

What happened, how did we sink so low
Is she not beautiful, is he not the man of your dreams
What was once created can be again, creating must begin

Talk it out with each other, don’t shout, sit close
Find something wonderful about your lover, you know you can
After all he’s your man, she’s your woman, your lover

You started a life together, no way it can fail
Failure is simply not the question, it is only quitting
Failing to create what you started, quitting, neither creating

Pretty soon, no husband, no wife, only a lonely man and woman
Both victims of your own neglect. It will not be easier the next time

Habits of neglect, failing to create are easy, ruining your life
Break free now, you can create, make them your happy friend
Start over, clean the slate, duck often, but create your life together

The Poet knows, been there, done that, lived to tell
Many friends, a long happy life, got a darn good wife.

Need some help, references, common sense advice,
Contact the Poet.  He’ll help you through, happily ever after.
One point, doing nothing is the wrong thing to do.

The Poet

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©2009 Carl Watts 2/6/09
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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