How To Take Out #GMOs                           02/14/2014

This is a “How To” article.

I write it because I see everyone working very diligently to survive well.  We
see threats to our survival and we attempt to handle them. Often our efforts
are crushed by insanity.

The insane are not working to survive well, they are trying to die and take as
many of us with them as the can. As long as they can put money into the
bank, they thinks they are doing well.

The insane have ill children, ill friends and this is alright with them. Sick
people are easier to control. Ill populations are easier to trample and steal

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The Battle Against #GMOs

As a population, we want to know what is in our food. Only the insane do not
care. Only the criminal insane want to hide toxins and poisons in the worlds
food supply.

Our efforts to get foods labeled for our protection have often been beaten
down by criminal elements backed by big, big money.

Those same insane criminals control the governments and most big

Fighting a Wealthy Corporation is Futile

First a corporation has no feelings. It is not a thinking entity. Public opinion
makes little impact unless it cuts income.

Reduced profits hit the stockholders. The stockholders do feel.

Stockholders, often being humans, do care about public image and profits.

Stockholders apparently consider the public expendable.

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Profits from The Illness and Death

If a stockholder can invest in something that will make people ill that's good.
This illness will boost medical and pharmaceutical profits. If the stockholder
owns share in medical and bigpharma, for them it is a win win profit making

Stockholders will profit from their own family's illnesses. It happens daily.

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The Light of Truth

What stockholders can not stand is adverse public attention. Often they hide
behind companies or banks that purchase the stocks for them. This is like a
third party owning the shares that the stockholder profits from.

Third party ownership distances the stockholder from the death and suffering.
This makes the stockholder's profits look less bloody.

To defeat #GMOs, expose the stockholders.

Expose the financial ties between medical, pharmaceutical and #GMO
investors. It is there.

There is crime where there is insanity. It is there in the
#GMO/medical/bigpharma ties.

Shine the light of truth so the public see the scum for who they are regardless
of their fine clothes, houses, club memberships...

Who Owns #GMO Producing Corporations

Compile a list of , check it twice, to find out who has been naughty or nice!

Make it very public.

Until we can eliminate the insane #GMO producing companies, educate
yourself. Purchase as much organic food as you can. Eat as little processed
food and drink as possible. You will live longer!

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