How To Protest!                               4/13/13

Life is unfair! We've all experienced it!

It would seem it is becoming more unfair with every puppet president that
holds office!

But enough of the complaining about the bad things!

There are three methods to complain!

Let me explain.

Consider this. There is "thought", “emotion” and "effort"! Can you see this?


Lets do some examples! Say someone is protesting cutting down a tree. He
decides the best way to protest is to chain his body to the tree. That could be
a lot of "effort" there and some “emotion” too!

Another look at “effort” would be like pushing a car that isn't running. A lot of
effort there.

Someone hits you, your body automatically resists with effort!

That effort often creates an emotion such as anger at being struck.


Or you're at a protest rally and the police are being very cruel! You've had
enough of this.

Your thoughts about the police actions create emotions such as anger at the

So you run out and throw your body against the police line! That pretty
emotional! It also could contain some "effort" and "thought" but not much of the

Are you tracking with me so far?

So far “effort” and “emotion” have landed you exactly no place except on the
latest list of criminal terrorist!


So how could you protest using "thought"?

It is my opinion that all successful protest have been done with "thought"!

"Thought" is senior to "emotion" and "effort!”

"Thought" controls these lower elements but only if you know this.

If you do not know this, efforts and emotions thrown at you, can control your
thoughts. Not a good scene. Related article:
Fear, Other People's Emotions.

Have you ever heard of the Freedom of Information Act? Many organizations
use it to find out about the illegal doing of the opponents!

“Thought” Continued

What gives government it power? It is not the military though they do fit into
the "effort" band.

What gives government it power is the people's cooperation and support!

What if all the protesters from the occupy movement, decided to stop
supporting the government and they got all their friends and family to stop too?

That's using "thought"! If enough people decided enough is enough, our
government would pay attention.

What's Wrong with Force?

The public, protesters, are not organized.

When they try to use any type force in a protest, the government mows them

Protesters often get beaten up and become people in jail! At that point, you
have become a “criminal” in the eyes of the government/police etc.

The only time this works is when the government is supporting the protest!
They do this all the time in other nations. I don't expect them not to instigate
upsets here!

I do expect them to send agent provocateurs into any peaceful protest to turn
it violent. The real trouble makers at the “Occupy” protest, in my opinion, were
all working for the government!

So physical confrontation is doomed to a painful failure! Mind you now, DHS
has purchased billions of round of ammo for unknown reasons. Perhaps they
think they will need to defend themselves from us!


There is a simple small book,
The Way To Happiness. In this book, it states:
Precept # 10 “Support a Government Designed and Run For All the People”
By L Ron Hubbard
. It tells you how to not support a government too.

I'd suggest you read the book online for no cost!
Click here.

In my opinion, that would be using "thought" to protest safely!

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Do you have suggestions for a “How To” article? Let me know :-)

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