How to Handle a “Panic Attack”

This could also be call 'How to “Handle a 'Panic Disorder”' but we don't
want to step on the #psych's sacred ground of "Made up Disorders!"

They interchange panic attack with “anxiety disorder.” I guess the #psychs
have the disorder called “making up many disorders” or "Fictional

I'm just guessing so let me check to see if there's a “fear disorder”? No, but
“irrational fear” is a sign of an anxiety disorder.

What is “irrational?” I can't answer that as it would be too close to giving
medical opinion. You must ask your over paid #psych who will probably
invent an answer!

Let us Apply Common Sense

Attack is when something is coming at you to do harm or you're taking
aggressive action against something.

Panic is a sudden overwhelming of fear for some reason or no reason.
Panic tends to be
uncontrolled fear.

For Example

If a wild tiger were charging straight at you, that would be the time to have
a panic attack. Or perhaps not!

In a “panic attack” people tend to react to external or internal threat without
thought of resolution. They just react, scream or lay down. None of those
reactions is likely to help you survive.

Most people today that “suffer” from “panic attacks” are not faced with
external dangers of physical harm.

Most people today suffer from some internal reaction that has NO
LOGICAL external cause.

Have You Ever Been Stopped by a Police Officer?

Take a moment and review your reaction. Did you immediately drop into
fear or a “panic”? Was there a physical reason for that?

Chances are there was nothing beyond a citation and lost of money to
cause you this fear.

So how did it go? Did you go to jail? Even if you did, did you survive that?
(I'm very certain there are many who were changed by going to jail and
never got over it! Why is that?)

Assuming you did get over it. Looking back was the panic or fear justified
considering the big picture?

No, it wasn't. I can state this from having been stopped more times than I
like in the last 50 years of driving. Each stop was accompanied by an
unjust reaction on my part.

So Obviously Something is Going on!

Some how, the police officer represented a threat to your survival. He
could have been the nicest cop that let you off but still the experience
shook you.

To get over your fear of the police, I suggest you meet a few
officers. Talk
to them. You will find they are remarkably like you and I.

They are not bad people. They may think we are and tend to treat us as
criminals at all times. Again, use respectful communication and the more
you talk with them, the more they will see you are not a criminal.

Occasionally you may meet an officer that has gone insane from the many
threats to his survival represented by the potential criminals every where.
(These officers are in a mild "panic attack" all the time and barely have it
under control.) The best you can do there is comply with their request and
use respectful communication. You should do fine.

Panic Attacks when You're Alone or At Work.

When this occurs you have stopped observing the physical environment
and you are reacting to some internal unseen restimulation of some past

If you feel an attack coming on, start looking around at things in the
environment. Touch things. Go for a long walk. Do something more than
look at how bad it all is.

Get a pen and paper and write down what was going on just before you
started feeling that way.

Writing requires analytical thought which is the opposite of reacting to
something unseen.

If you are around someone who starts to panic, have them look around.
Direct them to look at things. Let them know you observed them doing so
with some type of acknowledgement.

That may take the edge off things. Then if possible get paper and pencil
and have them start writing down what was going on before the panic


When you look at the environment, rarely is there cause for any panic
unless you're in the lion's cage. When you or anyone feeling panic from
unseen sources starts to do reasonable things, the panic may vanish.

A panic attack is person losing perspective on present time and blindly
diving into the past in an unknowing fashion.

Anything that brings their attention here and now is valid. In the old movies,
they used to slap the person who was freaking out. They respond to the
slap with “I needed that”. They would snap out of it and be logical

I'm not recommending a slap.  A firm acknowledgement such as “I SEE
YOU!” might work.

Nutritional Prevention

Again, I am not recommending but will tell you what I do when I find a
anxious situation in my life.

I take these supplements to help calm MY nerves (
they maybe worthless
for you):
B1 and supporting B complex.
Calm (calcium magnesium)
Ample food (nourishment)
Adequate Sleep

In children, please watch for dyes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners,
sugar, GMOs, MSG and other dietary toxins. A starving poisoned child is
constantly in fear!

If You Need Help

Feeling a little anxiety is not a medical problem.  A black widow dropping
on my arm would cause fear. Its not a medical situation. There is nothing
attacking me. Rarely is anything attacking the people I know.

While I
cannot cure your ills, cannot heal you in anyway, change your
socks, make you better, give you drugs, hypnotize you for your money,
or anything else covered by the #psych/#ama monopoly, I can direct you
to look.

People in “panic” are not looking. I don't believe looking is yet illegal.
Obama hasn't issued an executive order against it.

So unless those things change, I can still help you look.

I'm an excellent listener and I don't make people wrong nor even tell them
what to think. Not by job!


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