How to Eliminate Future Worries, Your

I heard a parent say that a tragedy that happened could happened to his son.

That reminded me of an article I had told the Headmistress, of my favorite
school, I was going to write.

I've also heard people comment on the high cost of a quality education. My
response to them was "a high cost compared to what?"


First, let me point out that worrying has never prevented or caused anything to
happen or not happen.

Though it may cause high blood pressure, digestive problems, exhaustion, and
ulcers etc. You've probably heard someone, like your parent, claim “You're
worrying me to death.”

I've never heard of a death certificate stating cause of death “worrying” :-)

I'm also certain that worries have and will cost you in many different ways!

Effective Action

So what can you do to help insure your child's health, happiness and outright

As a father, what I did was to get my children the best education I possibly

I knew I would not always be there to help them solve their problems! So a
quality education was important beyond all else.

At one point when my youngest children were in private school,
Academy of Los Angeles
, I had a choice of losing my home via foreclosure or
pulling my kids out of school.

The house was not important nearly as much as preparing my children for
survival in the future. We lost the house!

Public school education for the most part is not only inadequate, it is
destructive of creative thought!

There are, of course, exceptions. I've seen teachers trying but they are in
#psych based schools. Ridge nonsense! Even the teachers are not prospering.

Another factor in public education is Child Protective Services run rampant and
out of control.

That's another whole article as every incident I've personally observed with
CPS was completely unnecessary. CPS treat all parent as if they ARE
ABUSING their children. CPS reacts. That's insane.

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Are You a Thinking Person.


What we want is for our children to be able to control their lives. To control
anything, you have to know about it and be responsible for it to some degree.

Knowledge gained about anything will increase both control and responsibility.
Hence a quality education is needed.

If you can't put your children in a top notch private school, you will have to
personally guarantee your children are getting an actual education.
Suggestion: you will have to devote time to them. Just issuing orders will not
produce a superiorly educated child!

Do your children enjoy reading? Can they read very well? If they can not, the
education system has failed. You must step in and handle this.

Do your children vegetate in front of electronic games and television? If so,
you may need to look at what you want them prepared for!

If your children don't like to read, their school has tried to force them to read
books that were too difficult! The system often doesn't deal with the child but
with groups of no identity kids.

Get some help if you do not know how to help your children. In the Los
Angeles area there are free tutoring centers.
Hollywood Education and
Literacy Project (
HELP) is one such free center. If you're not in the Los
Angeles area, perhaps they can recommend one of their other centers in other
areas or someone else.

If all else fails, contact me. I had eleven wonderful years working in a private
school and can help almost anyone!

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The Extremely High Cost of an Inferior Education

Are you aware of the gangs and other type criminals that our main stream
education model turns out daily?

Children that do not KNOW can not control their environments nor other
people. When children don't have correct solutions, short cuts like drugs and
crime are recommended by others in their same boat.

Failures in life love the miserable company of other failures.

I have a nephew who had a public school education. He's been in prison for
about 35 years now. His failures in life have taken a huge toll on his family.

Prisoners are very poorly educated, 71.7 % were below GED prep level.

In California, the average inmate reads at 8th grade level.

There is more money spent on police, prisons, security than on higher


This is a plug for the best school ever,
Delphi Academy of Los Angeles.

Two of my grandchildren graduated from Delphi a few years back.

Sean, at the age of twenty, was the Sous Chef for a very upscale restaurant
on the Sunset Strip! Sean is currently in the down town Los Angeles location
for the same company. Sean is also an Eagle Scout!

Miranda at the age of twenty owns and operates a very successful day care!

I can tell you no one is worried about their future.

My youngest two daughters both attended Delphi. They both left school early
to pursue their respective careers.

Currently, Monique is happily married mom of three beautiful children.

Marcy is a creative artist with a happy four year old!

Delphi Academy of Los Angeles Prepares Children for Life!

My wife worked at Delphi 23 years, right up to her passing. I worked there
eleven years. Three of my daughters worked there for varying lengths.
Melanie was a teacher for 18 years. My daughter-in-law is currently working
there and loves it! I have 4 grandchildren attending of various ages and they
are happy there!

So I'm very qualified to know that Delphi knows what it is doing. Delphi
achieves stellar educational products!

My grandchildren that are attending Delphi will get a great education and they
will not be “dumbed down” or stifled!

No, Delphi is not paying me to write this. I simply can not recommend them
highly enough!

If you're in the Los Angeles area, seek them out. Delphi has other locations
which I'm sure they will be happy to tell you all about.

Knowledge allows Control and Responsibility.

Inferior education yields poor or no control or responsibility. That creates
potential victims.

A quality education is the answer. That's how you eliminate future worries
about your children's survival!

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