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As there are many expert coaches in existence, there are probably many
successful methods of coaching.

If you are a good coach, you may not agree with all my points. That is okay.

What is true for you is what you have observed as true.

However, you might consider my ideas and perhaps gain or improve in some
way. I wish   you well.

What To Do As a Coach.

Gather Information

When I attempt to coach someone to improve their health, the first thing I do is
gather information.

What do they want to accomplish? It is best if I can get them to write it down.
This is the establishment of a goal.

Do they have body problems? I'm not going to cure them. But often by a
change of diet in the correct direction, their body will get better!

I want to know what they eat and drink.

Provide True Information

I will define what is food and what is not food but only “food like.” See

related article Health, Attention on Correct Goal!

From their data, I will take the worse offender(s) to their health and give them
some very simple basic reference(s) to read.

Lets say they are drinking diet sodas to help them lose weight!

I would refer them to the web page contains this data “But do these zero- or
low-calorie products really help you lose weight and/or keep it off? Well, the
research and the epidemiologic data suggest the opposite is true, and that
artificial sweeteners such as aspartame tend to lead to weight gain.”
here to read article

Or this reference “Why this particular artificial sweetener can literally excite
your brain cells to death (And lead to depression, weight gain, migraines,
seizures, strokes, brain cancer, and more)…
Click here to read article.

Or this one "One reason is that the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas create

a negative hormonal response in the body that increases fat storing hormone
production and increases cravings''...
Click here to read article.

Once they see that the soda/artificial sweetener industry has

misrepresented the chemicals, they may decide to give up diet sodas.

Now, having some true data, they must make the decision for themselves.

One Thing at a Time!

Unless the person is really motivated, I try to take it slow and not overwhelm
them with information or to make radical changes.

A common bit of information I give them is a chart “
Hormones that Trigger Fat
Storage or Fat Burning
”. It's pretty simple.

I would point out that chemicals/artificial sweeteners cause fat storage and
block fat burning!

Every point I discuss with them, I give them supporting information.

I will cover what is good to eat. I always recommend a
Kale/Blueberry shake!
Related article:
What I Eat.

Eventually, I will cover many “food like" substances that most people

consume and give them the truth about:

#GMO click to view more data.
Sugar-is toxic,
probably #GMO
Flour-is toxic, probably #GMO
Wheat, not good for you at all. (Why?)
Soy-is toxic, fermented is okay. (
Canola (
MSG or any of its hidden forms (
Any artificial color or flavor (
Chemical, stresses body)
Any artificial sweetener (
Chemical, stresses body)
All Dairy including yogurt, kefir, cheeses etc.(
Transfats-margarine, spreads (
Toxic, stresses body)
Don't neglect your mayonnaise and salad dressings, they almost always

have Canola/Soy oils and sugars!
Processed foods with small servings can be loaded with toxins but because
the serving is so small, they don't have to list
the truth! Salad dressings, dips,
chips, cookies (don't eat them if you didn't make them yourself!)


This is a whole subject. The least is for people to go for walks. A lot depends
on their current health.

The program would be based on what they're
currently able to do safely.

Tweaking Their Diet or What Ever You're Coaching
People On!

Most people when getting healthy will reach a plateau. They may have a few.

I was helping my beautiful daughter in law. Very early on, she was "doing
every thing right" and she was too!

I questioned her about what she was eating.

The only thing I could see wrong was possibly "peanut butter". Peanut butter
is an allergen for many people. I had her suggested she substitute almond
butter and she immediately started dropping weight again.

At about 50 pounds of weight, we had the same conversation, it was dairy. I
gave her some data and the whole family started consuming much less.
Everything got better.

Coaching involves listening and caring. I do both very well.

If you want to be a good or better coach be in good communication with the
people you work with. Life will be much better for all!

What Not To Do!

These things I have found do not work in life or in coaching.

Making people wrong or invalidating them for their choices or action. Related
Who Has the Right To Insult You?

Telling people what to think or evaluating for them! People can think for
themselves. Given true and accurate data, normally they make correct
decisions. Related article:
You Are Right!

Working With Someone

When I coach someone, we are working together. By using communication,
we can reach understanding and cooperate together. Related article:
How to
Get Cooperation

Any other method of getting people to comply or cooperation is some from of
domination or intimidation. Related article:

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