How to Be CAUSE?

I had a follower the other day who said that “How to be Cause?” was a
$64,000 question.

I gave him a few ideas because being Cause is extremely simple. It is so
simple that almost no one does it all the time. Actually I don't believe I know
anyone knowingly operates at a total Cause level all the time!

So I was looking at: How does one be more at Cause over life and

There are so many things that are blindly accepted, “everyone knows,” that it
is difficult to know where to start.


Lets start by defining a few terms. You don't have to agree with my
definitions but they work for the context of this article.

Cause:  the source point of something. I am being cause by writing this. I
am the source of an outflow of something. There is another aspect of cause,
it is to make something happen. That would still be a source point starting
some action.

Effect:  the receipt point of something. You're being effect by receiving my
communication. It is the point that receives something. Another aspect of
effect, is the results. If you throw a ball (Cause) and it hits a glass window,
the window would be the receipt point, effect. The window could also shatter
as a result (effect).

communication, we talk back and forth. Each time we do this, we change
from cause to effect back to cause and so on.

Life:  is a motionless, timeless, weightless, locationless “point” that
animates the physical universe. That's fairly accurate thought there are more
points that could be used to describe “life.” Life is not energy, it creates
energy. Life is not matter, time or space.

And just in case any #psychs read this, life is not mud and didn't come from

I looked at my
Questions of the Day page, I found over 70 mentions of cause
and effect. Some probably don't directly apply to this article but I've included
them all below the video below.

Things You Can Do to Be CAUSE!

There are an endless number of things you can do, very simply, to put
yourself more at Cause.

The last time, you walked to the kitchen or restroom, did you just decide and
then get there? Did you notice the environment around you? Did you direct
the body to go slower or faster?

I tried it myself. I found I pushed the “go button” and sort of arrived without
further direction from me.  I was not very aware of my environment.

I tried it again. This time, I paid attention to my actions. I looked around. In
the kitchen, my body (a big automatic machine) wanted sugar. I told it no! I
made some
calmag instead. That's a calcium magnesium drink.

After that, I returned to write.

Again and again, I've forced myself to extrovert and notice the environment
and my actions. That was being Cause!

The body is a huge barrier between you and the physical universe. The body
puts you at effect constantly unless you override it.

Awareness or Unaware?

An unaware person, operating on automatic circuitry, is not very much
Cause. An aware person, knowingly doing actions, is at Cause.

Now you may think this is small.

Have you considered all the auto accidents that happen? Apparently the
drivers, often both of them, have their driving on automatic. This is fine until
something happens out of the ordinary. When I drive my car, I attempt
strongly to actually drive the car and not allow mental circuits to do the
driving for me. I need to be the driver, not my body even though I am using it!

Upsets and or body problems (fatigue, illness, stress, hunger, etc) can pull
your attention away from what you are doing. Errors and accidents can then
happen in any area of life. At those times, you are effect and your body is
being cause.

Another important thing you can be at Cause over is who you associate with.
Friends should be people you your side in all struggles in life. They should
support you and not bad mouth you.

Anyone that makes you feel less, make you uncomfortable, less certain etc,
is not your friend. Lose the people that pull and push you down in life. You
know who they are, just stay away from them, don't call them.

If they are family, you need to handle them so they
cease to invalidate you,
your choices and abilities.

Are there activities or things you do that make you feel bad, ill or confused?
Knock those off for a while.  Cancel your newspaper and stop reading,
listening or watching information sources that create upset and turmoil. You
can be Cause over your choices of what you do.

Write down some plan for the future. No matter how silly or how impossible,
just do it in writing. You can be Cause over your
creative imagination.

Where Are You Not being Cause?

Any time, you have a problem of any type, to that degree, you are effect.
When you realize a solution, even before taking action to handle, you
become Cause.

A tip to help put you at Cause over any problem is write it down. Just the
action of writing will help move you from total effect to slight gentle Cause.

If one looks at the things that are running on automatic, those are areas of
actions where one is effect. Those areas are running on mental circuits, on
automatic. If you took those actions over, you would become Cause over
those actions.

I posted a question the other day “does your body walk you around or do you
walk your body around?”

If your body is walking you around, then walking is an automatic action.
When you walk on automatic, you are at effect and your body is Cause.

How many times have you, when driving, missed your turn? Those times,
when you missed your turns, were you driving the car or was it on automatic?

If you miss your turn, I'd say the driving was on automatic. You were being
the effect of your mental circuits messing up.

Let me name a couple things that are running on automatic for almost every
human on this planet: the weather, tides, earthquakes, governments. I'm
looking for people that can control weather, tides and earthquakes. I'm not
sure control of governments is possible though I'm sure that is short sighted!

One Final Example.

When you lay down to go to sleep, is your body cause or are you Cause?
The only difference is your choice. I lay down and tell the body to be still and
go to sleep. It always works. I'm Cause.

If you lay down and expect the body to fall asleep under its own power and
decision, you maybe tossing and turning all night long! That would be effect.

Any activity that is unplanned is likely to be an effect for you. If you plan it,
you will be Cause.

This goes back to the above point of planning a future. If you didn't do it
earlier, do it now.

Decide to be Cause and then act that way!

By the way, you can plan to be effect such as going to the movies. You've
decided to be effect and the movie becomes Cause by your choice. You're
still Cause. Can you see how this can work?


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(All my articles are written with the viewpoint of being Cause. I recommend them all :-)

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like
expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as
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©2015 Carl Watts 061115.

Questions from Questions of the Day:

If you'd like any of these questions expanded upon, let me know. I may
already have an article or I will write one any time :-)

When others felt sympathy for you, what did it do to your Cause level?
Is the state of "Being" also the state of being "Cause"?
How does the "Cause" level of an angry person differ from a fearful person?
In life are you Cause or effect (know how to change)?
Regarding the subject of love, how do you be at Cause over love?
If you're dealing with spirits how is that different than being cause over spirits?
Are you ever truly wrong for being cause?
Do you realize if you answer my questions, that puts you at cause?
Did you realize that when you read one of my questions, and failed to reply, you are at effect?
Is asking questions a cause position?
If you never communicate with government are you effect of it?
When you reply to a question, is that also a cause position?
If you're not creating your job, are you the effect of your environment?
How does one become cause over a body?
Is the environment continually telling you where you are, making you at effect?
How does someone who is unknowing cause act, behave, operate?
Does silence make you effect?
When you're in an environment do you pull it around you as opposed to moving through it, which
is cause?
Have you been convinced you cannot cause things?
Is failing to write congress being effect?
What is the highest emotion you can cause?
If you communicate about anything, can you create effect?
What study problem can cause an immediate drop in IQ?
Is juvenile delinquency caused by miseducation?
How do you define cause and effect?
Can you cause another to understand, how?
If you fail to attempt to be cause, will you only be effect?
Would you like to know how to be Cause rather than effect?
Is being sympathetic being cause or being effect?
If you fail to communicate with the government, are you effect of it?
When someone has cancer & you're sympathetic, have you assigned cancer as cause?
If you see a tragedy & you become sympathetic, what is being cause?
Where are most people around you on a scale of effect to cause?
What percentage are you cause versus effect?
By agreeing with others, do you make yourself effect?
Once you make a decision, are you immediately effect of it?
Is responsibility cause, is effect irresponsibility?
Who is cause/responsible for your life?
Have you noticed how being away from someone can effect you?
Is a child mostly cause or effect, responsible or irresponsible?
As your emotions effects everyone around you, what effects are you creating?
Are responsibility and cause uncomfortable subjects?
Where there's tremendous confusion, do you go effect?
Does loss effect your memory, last life?  
Are you being constantly put at cause by others or at effect?
At what point does a child cease being cause over education, become effect?
If life is cause, what is the physical universe?
If you command all particles to align and they did, would that be cause over matter?
Can a machine cause life?
Is time cause, why?
If you're not responsible for areas of life are they effecting you?
When you blame someone, are you assigning them cause, yourself effect?
How can a being that is total cause be at effect?
Have you noticed how being near someone can effect you?
Are you at cause over any group, #AwesomeTeam?
Who or what is cause in your life?
If you're not cause are you being effect, who's going to change that?
If you're being effect of things, are you failing to be cause?
What area of life should you not be cause over, effect of?
When people go against you, are you greatly effected?
If you were always cause over yourself, how would life be?
How can an earlier unsolved problem effect the solution of today's problems?
Do you know how to be cause over yourself, even your body?
If you body is always effect, are you cause?
Have you or can you accept that you can cause things?
Could the emotion in a mental picture cause your emotion?
Are you the effect of your own causes?  
Can you cause things to happen?
As cause, do you find yourself shouldering the ills of the world?
If you originate, cause, a communication, who is responsible for it being understood?
Can you safely be at effect as long as you remain cause?
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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