How to Influence an Interview                      

When I start off with this title, I wonder if people will think this is some kind of
a trick or underhanded maneuver to control the interview.

It could be considered a trick but it is more a point of view.

It is not underhanded. But to some degree you will be able to change the

It will not work to the degree that if you are wrong for the job, you'll suddenly
get it.

So I guess I should explain how to influence an interviewer!

Cause versus Effect

In two different articles I've written I've explained Cause and Effect. So I'll just
quote myself!

Governments, Solution For, from the section "Cause and Effect":

    In communication, the point where a communication comes from is
    cause. I sent a communication to someone, I am cause point for that

    The receiving point is effect. For example, I say hello to you, I am cause.
    You hear and you're effect.

    Then you say hi and you're now cause and I'm effect.

    What happens when the government machine issues a new law, policy,
    directive, tax, ruling, or takes action, etc? The machine is being cause.
    You become EFFECT!

    Arresting citizens, they don't like, is an action and is a communication.
    It puts the machine in a cause position.

    To become CAUSE, you have to communicate to the machine.

    As I mention, I'd suggest asking questions. By asking you become

Stress Re-Defined, from the section "Two Other Words":

    Cause: the source point of something. I am being cause by writing this.
    It the source of an outflow of something.

    Effect: the receipt point which you're being by receiving my
    communication. It is the point that is receiving something.

    In communication, we talk back and forth. Each time we do this, we
    change from cause to effect back to cause and so on.

What to Do Before an Interview and During an Interview.

Before the interview, prepare what you want to present.

I personally think a resume is a waste of time unless you prepare it superbly
and the interviewer is of sufficient intelligence to appreciate your work.

But you do need to know what your strengths are. Write them down.

You want to find out data about the company and people you are considering
working for! Write down questions!

I'm going to say that twice, write down question you must ask and get

Being Cause

When you go in, you want to be cause. When you are cause, the interviewer
can feel or detect this even thought he/she may not realize it.

Just knowing you're cause puts you on top of the game even though you
allow the interviewer to be cause when it's his turn.

Your attitude must be that you are interviewing them. You must ask

questions and get them answered.

Effect Position

Is it normal to be nervous when being interviewed? I don't think so!

Perhaps for some it is. But being nervous is an “EFFECT” position.

If you can't be comfortable asking questions and getting answers with
someone, don't go to work there.

Once I went in and interviewed a potential employer. I was not comfortable.
My hands were sweating which was not normal. Something in that
environment was dangerous. More correctly someone in that environment
was dangerous or insane and I could feel this.

I wrote an article that goes into this at length
Crowed Spaces. You should
check it out for additional data. Another related article is
Fear or Other's

Needless to say I turned down the position. Had I gone to work there, being

at effect of my environment, I would probably have gotten ill and quit soon.

If you go to work somewhere and you're not winning there, if you're not being
somewhat happy, quit!

Your health and sanity are far more valuable than any job!

If you are feeling anxiety or fear, I suggest you read my article
Bad News,
How to Handle
with attention on the section: Keeping the Body Quiet!


I know this is easier to write than it is to practice it. Don't get desperate.
Everything will be alright.

There are many jobs available. Plan on interviewing several companies so
that you get the best position.

If you have to work now, keep interviewing in the evening and on weekends
and up grade your life!

If you haven't read it, I have wrote a related article
Unemployment, Solutions

Do you have suggestions for a “How To” article? Let me know :-)

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Listen and Guide, Someone to.

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