How To Make Your Point                                    5/31/15
Or Effective Communication!

How do you make a point when you're communicating with someone with a
different viewpoint?

In looking at my
Questions of the Day page, I found over a 100 mentions of
communication and it's components. These questions may or may not
directly apply but I've included these below the video below.

The government uses clubs, arrest, fines and other forms of duress to make
their points. Criminals use the same methods though they must modify them.

When you were a child did you ever have some valid point that your parents
refused to even consider? How about your boss, does he listen and consider
or just shut you down.

A lot of people are married, have you ever had a difference in viewpoint with
your spouse? How did you handle it? Were you successful in making your
point or did you get shut down again?

Some of the times you failed to make your point understood without huge

Your Past Successes in Making your Point

No one I know doesn't succeed at some point of making their point heard,
known and agreed upon.

Lets look at some unimportant points. Have you ever picked a restaurant
over someone else's choice?  How about a movie selection, you wanted one,
they wanted another and you won?

Here's a biggie, the "right of way" in driving, has someone ever tried to cut in
and you didn't let them?

I suspect you have successfully made your points in life most of the time.

How to Get Your Point Accepted and Agreed Upon

The simplest method is to use communication to get others to fully
understand your point, position or choice. With good communication, if you
are correct, others will understand and agree with you.  

Of course if you have insane associates, friends, family or government
agents that you are dealing with, good luck. The insane can not duplicate
facts and will always make the wrong choices.

Very simple in theory and if you get skilled at communications, it is simple.

A very simple technique, is write down your points and hand them to
someone you what to agree with you. Have them write down their points of
disagreement. This will remove it from the level of reaction to a more logical
level. Assuming you are both more or less sane, you will soon reach

Communication Nuts n Bolts

Agreement: To establish communication, you must have something in
common you both can agree upon.  

Do you think gravity is as strong today as it was yesterday? I think it was. If
you do too, we have a minor agreement.

Taxes are too high! Summers are hot, winters are cold.

Of course some people may not agree with that. But if you live in the same
area on the planet, there will be things you have in common.

I mention the above examples to help establish agreement with you.

Affinity: It also helps if you have some likingness or willingness to be close to
each other.  You are important to me so I want you to know these points.

Angry people don't want you near them. Angry people do not communicate

When you see someone you like or love, you're willing to be close to them
and to communicate with them. If you think they look nice and you
complement them, the liking will increase. Don't tell them they are fat,
distance will increase and communication is liable to drop out the bottom.

Anything you can do to increase agreement or liking will increase your

Snuggling with a little baby is a good example of affinity! You like the baby
and are willing to have it very close. Parent and grandparents know this to
be very true. ♥

Hostile People

My first recommendation would be to take them off your mailing list: No
holiday cards!

But, if you have to deal with them, get them to state their position exactly. I
suggest you write it down if it's not already written.

Once you know their position take very small steps to move them towards
your position.

Here's an example: In court, the officer says you were speeding 85 mph.
That very specific, so question that. Could it have been 86 or 84?

Question the tolerance of his radar if he had one. When was it last
calibrated? No machine is “exact”. Question his view of your vehicle, any
obstructions, were you the only vehicle in sight or range?

If no radar and it was only his professional estimate, point out that an
estimate is not exact, so how can he state it was 85 exactly? The judge may
not allow you to win but you can certainly make some good points. It
becomes a question of how inaccurate was the officer, could you have not
been speeding at all? That is the doubt you want to create. (You probably
were but this is just an example!)

Another example, a real one: The state sent us a tax bill which we disagreed
with. We alway expressed a willingness to pay but questioned for what?
Repeatedly we demanded proof  and disputed that we owed any tax.
Eventually, they dropped the charges. Apparently they made the bill up.
Pretty criminal but at least we found someone who was honest, could see
the truth and acted correctly.

In a Social or Community Situation.

Sometimes getting a group to agree is like pulling teeth. It's painful and may
not give any relief or produce results!

If you want to impose your viewpoint on a group,  just insist it harder and
louder than anyone else and KEEP DOING IT.

Very often, the opposition is just reactive. Your insistence will simply shut it
down. By the way, it helps if you are right which you are almost all the time!

Try it. Few if any people will challenge you.

Again if you're dealing with anyone insane, they may demonstrate their
insanity to everyone. (Have them thrown out if possible.
Don't do it yourself :-)

Also, stop inviting insane people to be around you. Get rid of the downers,
the losers, the people that stop progress. If you can't spot them, let me know,
I'll help!

You are more powerful than you've ever been allowed to imagine. You can
control and successfully run ANY group or other person.

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Questions from Questions of the Day:

If you'd like any of these questions expanded upon,
me know. I may already have an article or I will write one
anytime :-)

How do you create affinity for another (definition of affinity) person?
How do you create reality with another person?
Before you can communicate, must you have a position to communicate from?
How could you increase a child's communication in a class room?
Who were you in very good communication with?
Which is more important, knowledge jammed in or the ability to communicate?
How could a teacher get a child in communication with the physical universe?
What causes people to go out of communication and how do you reverse that?
Which is healthier and Saner, the strong silent type or the lively communicative person?
Once we cut all visits, communication to an aunt, do you know why?
After cutting communication for 5yrs, we reopened, what results?
If words are not understood what does that do to communication?
Is reality, agreement, based on imagination?
Can communication be used as a weapon, what is the defense?
If you can see something, are you in communication with it to some degree?
Do you know people that never acknowledge your communications?
Do you know there is a formula for communication?
Who do you know that communicate very well?
How can I better communicate with you?
If no one listens/reads, how effective is my communication, yours?
Do you know people who are really in good communication?
Anyone upset, what part of communication is out or unbalanced?
If good communication heal, can bad communication make ill?
Do people who do not listen in communication, not follow back?
Did you know my communication is meant for you?
How is it that you can't communicate with a mass of people?
If the inflow and outflow of communication isn't balanced, what happens?
Who will not allow you to reply/respond, is there someone?
Would you like to know how to be Cause rather than effect?
If you fail to understand another's communication, is that an upset?
When you really understand someone, how does this affect affinity (liking)?
What does an incomplete or not understood communication cause?
Is there someone who you feel you can't communicate with, solution?
If a child refuses to communicate, do you know how to establish good communication?
If you never communicate with government are you effect of it?
Do some people talk at length and say nothing, politicians?
What can you do about anything, communicate?
Can negative affinity exist, anger?
How real am I in your opinion?
Can you agree that I care?
Could you "pick" an agreement with someone?
How would you create an agreement with someone?
Have you noticed how much I'm here on Twitter?
Could affinity encourage me to give you my attention?
Is failing to write congress being effect?
Does a sane person communicate broadly?
Is the willingness to answer question a gage of sanity/insanity?
Could it be true that if you answer my questions, you might get better?
Is there a subject you can't communicate about, why?
In communication, if you're not understood, is this an incomplete cycle of action?
Is reality simply a chain of agreements?
If you know me, are there things we agree upon?
Can you handle objects at a distance?
What are the three components to understanding?
Should communication be balanced, outflow and inflow?
Do objects communicate or only beings?
Do you have a line to God, can you communicate with him?
Why is there disagreements on ANY subject?
Why do some people seem to want to fight, argue?
Can you pretend you don't have to agree?
Did you know a person is as well as they can originate communication?
Do you know people that seem only to originate communication from mental circuits?
Do you handle a child's originations or ignore; an adult's? (Origination is a communication about
themselves as opposed to a mere comment)
Can you communicate with anything except a living being?
Do you know someone who just throws communication out and hopes it lands?
When addressing a group do you talk to a group or each individual?
Do I communicate with many people or do I talk to you?
Can you truly communicate with a person, can I?
Have you notice people lag on their response/action?
When communicating, what does a good acknowledgment do?
Have you observed what happens to a person who talks on and on?
When I write, Let me know if I can assist U, what does that mean to you?
If you didn't have to agree, would be being wrong matter?
When I write  #EverythinWill_B_OK!, what does that mean to you?
Can you  have a one way communication line? (see article Following Back :-)
If you get a telepathic thought, who sent it?
How long have you agreed with the physical universe?
Is the desire to have also the desire to agree?
When attempting to help someone, should you maintain maximum communication?
Can you emanate goodness/friendliness/communication in volume 360°?
How can I simply communicate with you and bypass your case?
When I communicate with someone, how have I benefited?
Does anything positive come from low tone communication, if so, what?
Is communication the only pay one really receives?
Do you know someone who won't let you talk, won't agree?
Do you feel no one will listen to your ideas?
How can you get others to think/decide things?
How can you get others to willingly act correctly?
How much communication does it take to create a group?
#AwesomeTeam, How could I align the views and actions of others?
Who is in communication with your government, are you? (See "
Governments, Solution For")
How could I align the views and actions of others?
How could you get into communication with your government? (See "Governments, Solution For")
To establish communication should you start heavily or gently?
What area of life do you find troublesome, are you in communication with it?
Should a group have some agreements?
Can war exist in the presence of good communication? (See "Governments, Solution For")
Does war only exist in the absence of good communication? (See "
Governments, Solution For")
Can confusion exist in the presence of good communication?
Can good communication harm people?
Does one of your voices agree with you while the other disagrees? (not much to do with this
article but I like the question :-)
How far can your communication reach to straighten out the world?
What barriers do you find to your communication, only those you create?
If you are in communication with someone in anger are you subject to that?
What is a bundle of confusion, merely a confusion of communication?
What does communication and duplication have to do with education?
When you communicate, do you take steps to ensure you're understood?
How well are you in communication with your past, are your memories clear?
Are ill people in good communication?
Do you spend time trying to convince others they are valuable?
Does your importance need to come from someone else?
Can you feel the emotion of someone you love when they are angry?
Do you need others agreement to convince you that you're important?
Do you have reality with the past, present, future?
Can you communicate with the past, present, future?
What is interpersonal relationships composed of?
What shut down your telepathy, when was it?
Were you told not to remember you're telepathic?
If you fail to agree, do others think you're insane?
If someone is low emotionally, can you bring them up with communication?
Why can political parties not agree, insane?
Can you be real high toned and in good communication with low toned people?
If you communicate with someone in fear, are you subject to that emotion?
Is sanity judged by “Do you agree?”
When you're told to face reality, what do you look at?
Which science deals with reality, physics or chemistry?
Should you agree or disagree with the physical universe?
Can you recall someone you kissed, did  you want to talk, touch?
Can you recall someone who pushed you, did you feel affectionate?
Have you noticed people that insisted you believe them, that you agree?
Do you know someone who is afraid of everything, how much do you like them?
If you are in communication with someone in grief are you subject to that?
How often do you create illusions?
Is life a continuous illusion we've agreed on creating reality?
Who suggested you should stop and you agreed?
Is your body in agreement with itself?
Is your body in communication with itself?
If you and I communicate well, who benefits?
If you and I communicate poorly who loses or suffers?
If you originate, cause, a communication, who is responsible for it being understood?
If you agree with someone who is in fear, where will that put you?
If you agree with someone who is cheerful, where will that put you?
If you agree all is bad, will not get better, what's your emotion?
When you agree with me (if you ever do), how do  you feel?
When you disagree with me, how do you feel?
Was your last argument based on a disagreement?
I assume every  person can be more able and should be, do you agree?
Should you face reality and agree with it or disagree?
Do you become, to some degree, that which you agree with?
Should people in a group have some agreements?
What is the basic agreement of life, to live?
Would a disagreement be based on different data, different viewpoints, etc?
Have you agreed to be human?
How do you get agreement with an angry person, mimic them?
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