How to Know Who to Trust

Age Old Questions

Do you know who to trust?

Have you trusted and been betrayed over and over?

How do people deceive you into trusting them?

How do you know who to vote for?

How do you know when a politician is lying?

Who do You Trust Now?

Let us look at who you trust now.

Who are the people you trust?

Why do you trust them?

How do people you trust act around you?

How do you feel around people you trust?

The answers to each of those questions may not be the same.


Do the people you trust beat you up? Do they lie to you? Do they say things to
make you feel bad? Or do they support your goals in life?

It seems that the people you trust should be aiding you in your goals to
survive well.

By contrast, enemies try to upset you to stop you. Enemies will hurt you.

In the government, I look for support of my rights and allowing me to control
my life.

Perhaps some people feel they need the government to run their lives and
protect them.

Do you own a pet? Do you not run your pets life and protect them.

Do you give your pets flea medication? The government will give you flu
vaccine which is much more dangerous and it's only safety test are being
conducted on you and your children. See related
Editorial :Why Vaccines DO
NOT Work.

Do you want to be the government's pet or slave? That is what will happen if
you allow them to control your life!

I do not see the government aiding me in my goals of survival.

I see the government taking survival from me and giving to people that do not
exchange. My money increases my survival.

Something for nothing, no exchange, is a criminal viewpoint.

I do not see the government as being my friend. I see them as taking my
money and wasting it or worse spending it on war!

How to Spot Untrustworthy People

Have you ever known a real criminal or a real drug addict?

Can you think of someone who betrayed you, perhaps many times before you
realized it?

How did you feel around them? Just recall the times, look back at the
memories. Were you uncomfortable around this person?

Once I went in to apply for a job and my palms started sweating. I was
uncomfortable. Someone or several people, in the environment, were not
trustworthy. I didn't take the job.

If you will trust your own perceptions you will be correct all the time. It's often
called trusting your “instinct.” I don't believe in instinct, I do believe it is
perceptions both physical and mental.

If you deny or ignore your own perceptions you will be easily deceived.

Some tips to validate your perceptions

Does the person meet and comfortably hold eye contact with you? Or do they
look away quickly?

Does the person look comfortable around you? Or are they restless?

Cops spot people that “look like they don't belong” in an area. Usually they
are right those sometimes they are wrong for various reasons.

I had an officer pull me over after making eye contact with me while driving. I
was young. He wanted to know if I had been drinking, I did have a soda cup in
my hand. Since I had not been drinking I was free to go.

But he was right in a way, I had beer under the seat. I just had not started yet.
My buddy and I both laughed as we drove away!

His basic perception was correct and he followed it.

If you walk through an office you can tell if the atmosphere is relaxed or tense.

If it is tense, someone or several are not trustworthy. Don't associate with that
group if you value your life and health.

Another point, if you are not trustworthy, you will pull in, like a magnet pulls
iron in, other untrustworthy people.

Your life will go downhill faster with other untrustworthy people around you.

You can break that by simply starting to be trustworthy.
Be worthy of Trust!


This is a difficult one. They are trained liars. You don't get close enough to
really observe them personally. And apparently their wives don't get close
enough to even know them!

They smile and speak fluidly intending to calm and influence you. I found
myself admiring Obama in a speech. Or they speak damning some other
country to get you to support an unjust war!

However, I did notice his glowing words did not and still do not match any of
his actions. Know them by their actions.

Before you vote for a charming smile, for glowing words, do some home work!

What does their track record look like assuming they have one. Mr O
apparently has sealed all his records so no one knows.

Where did they get their money?

It they are connected to criminal industries that are broadly harming mankind,
you must understand they don't care about you or your family.

Big pharma, monsanto, military industrial complex and so on are only profit
motivated and profit from death and suffering.

Research the Bush family money history. You might be amazed at the thing
they been involved with.

What did they vote for if they've been in office before?

How do you know when a politician is lying? (When their lips are moving!)

Is their message consistent from month to month and year to year? Have they
switched sides on various issues?

Changes may reflect a genuine new viewpoint based on logical information.

More often changes reflect outside influence. Lobbying that gives benefit to
the politician, at the ultimate expense of his constituents to change his or her
position, is bribery!

It is treason to betray the trust of those people that elected him or her!

Personally, I believe my senators and representatives are traitors to the
people. I vote against them all!

I wrote a poem
"Serpent". It is applicable to this article. Click to read it!

Also to help you understand:
"Warmth of a Smile." Click to read article!

Why do “friends” betray you?

There are two reasons I can think of that causes this to occur.

One is they were not your friend to start with and you failed to detect the
indicators they were untrustworthy. They are likely to do anything to achieve
personal gain at your expense.

The other reason is something restimulates* their reactive mind.* When this
happens, you are no longer dealing with the person. They are not in control.

Later, they may snap out of it and really regret their actions. They can't really
explain so will try to invent some story to justify their actions. You may have
done this in the past yourself.

Something making no sense sets you into acting completely different than you
normally do. That is the
reactive mind.

For more information on the reactive mind
click here.

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*Restimulate: Is the action of an old incident of pain and unconsciousness, to some degree, being energized by the current
Reactive mind: The mind that stores pain and unconsciousness. For a fuller understanding, click here.

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