Homo Sapiens Under Attack

Subtitle: “Being Single and Loving It”

I read that on a Twitter Profile and felt immediate empathy with the lady. Not
sympathy, but empathy.

Empathy is when you understand the feelings of another.  Sympathy is to
experience the feelings of someone else which means they pull you down to
their low emotional tone. People in grief often get sympathy and leave you
feeling bad.

You may find my related article of interest:
Contagion, Theory Of, which
deals more with sympathy.

From my perspective, I can stay high toned, enthusiastic and still understand
the feelings of another.

Having clarified that, I will proceed with the idea her bio inspired.

Personal Experience

When I lost my wife in 2007,  for a short while, I was not looking at the future.

This didn't last very long at all.

We always talked over the ups and downs of our life. Her problems, here
and there, were brought up. I usually had solutions which she rarely paid
attention to, but I did listen.

When I had difficulties, she would listen (usually).

Life was not perfect but it was very survival compared to not having her at
my side helping me confront life.

I missed having someone to talk to.

There was a point where I had some news. Suddenly I realized I didn't have
anyone to tell the news to. That was a bit of a griefy moment. My wife
wasn't there to listen to my exciting news or not so exciting. But she had
always been there to listen to me for 33 years.

She was my anchor in the storms of life and I was hers.

I was not loving being single.

Helping Each Other

I missed serving her coffee in bed every morning and cooking her breakfast
most of the time.

Oh there were many times, she did these things for me.

She did my laundry. Of course I am perfectly capable but for years, when the
children were home, she did all the laundry. When  the children left, she

She was always going out and buying plants. Many didn't live unless I
planted them. Though after the kids moved out, she was more active,
meaning successful at getting me to plant the plants.

She worked in a school. Her purpose in life was to care for and help children.
She spent 23 years working for a private school. When the kids moved out,
getting more into plants at  home was sort of an extension to creating a future
through plants.

She Created Future for us.

It is totally awesome to have your spouse helping to create a future with
children, grandchildren, at school and with plants.

I did enjoy her creation of our future.

I enjoyed her covering the walls with pictures of our family. Of course I had to
hang the pictures but it made her happy and that made me happy.

I missed her creating things when I was widowed, single.

Doing Things Together

As a husband and wife, we very much enjoyed doing things together. I really
didn't like going out and doing too many things without her. I almost never
when out with the boys.

Though there were times my son and I would stop and have a couple beers
and admire the ladies in the bar. We knew them by name. We shot pool there
often with his wife and children there. Very often my wife was there with me.

I missed her being next to me at night. I missed taking her coffee in the

With my wife, we had for 33 years created a fantastic life together.

When she passed away, I was not loving being single!

New Wife

I've written about this in several articles so wont go into it a lot. (How to
Successfully find a Spouse)

Just one point, we were going to visit her family and mine immediately after
we go married. Mary wanted to fly from Los Angeles to Kentucky and North

I said no!

While I wanted to meet and visit our families, driving across the country gave
me a lot of time alone with my wife! That was important. Visiting my extended
family was very secondary in my universe.

I had a new wife and I wanted time with her. So we drove and when we got
tired, we found a motel and slept until we got up.

It was an awesome trip.

I could have done it alone but that would not have been fun.

When my wife works late, I miss her. I don't like being single even for an

At home, we may not speak as we both get busy on the computers but we
can speak. Often I'll come up behind her very quiet and snuggle with her. She
usually winds up giggling!

I love my cat, Jack but he is not a substitute for my wife!

Being alone as some benefits: You don't have to get your spouse's
agreement, only half the food to cook, you can go out with anyone you want
(assuming anyone will go out with you).

I guess the only real benefit of being single is having free time to look for
someone to marry! Yes that is it. Once you're married you will not have the
time nor need for that activity.

So that my opinion for “Being Single and Loving It” :-)

Now the title:

Homo Sapiens Under Attack

Why did I use this title?

First the family is extremely valuable in keeping mankind alive. From the
above I hope I've demonstrated how valuable my wife was and my new wife is
to me and my survival. This spreads to my grandchildren and out into

Part of the overall plan of weakening values is the destruction of the family
unit. The administration is pushing homosexuality into laws and education.

They are working to crush religions which have been another defense of

Knock out the family and religion and the enslavement of man will be easier.

The schools have become an indoctrination for prison.

TSA is intimating the public broadly.

Yes, I know I didn't give supporting links for every point. If you doubt any of
my points, do some research. If you can't easily find supporting data, let me
know. Because I can support my statements.

    Yes, all those points are attacking humanity's

    The title was meant to get your attention, not to
    cave the world in on you.

The solution is not  to hate or worry but to take positive actions! You will get
result where you put your energy. Focus on hate or worry...that's what you
get. Focus on doing something good...that is what you get!

You can also do some things to help you and your family survive the toxins by

Chemtrails, Radiation, Fluoride, Toxins...How to Survive!

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