Health, Attention on the Correct Goal

What is the correct goal for health? Is it being drugged so you don't feel pain?
Is it having something cut out so it doesn't bother you anymore? How about
burning out a growth? Is that health?

Exactly what is good health? I don't care what “healthcare” is. I'm talking
about you being healthy!

What is good health and how do you get it?

As I write this, I've notice its a good topic as I don't think most people have
answers though perhaps I err in my opinion.

What is Food?

It is not the stuff most people buy at the supermarket!

I've watched the unhealthy people with loads of sodas, cereals, bread, tons
of processed foods and alcohol on to the purchase belt!

So what is food? Is it the fancy yogurt? Not necessarily!

My sister came home with a well know brand of yogurt. It had two artificial
sweeteners in it. The yogurt was pasteurized AFTER being cultured. This
mean all the good bacteria was killed. So what is left is a dead dairy product

What are Chemicals?

Artificial sweeteners, MSG, preservatives, colors, fillers... I don't think I can
name them all. Even “natural foods” often have chemicals in them.

I don't want to omit mentioning: fluoride, a deadly poison, chlorine and all its
forms, table salt, all drugs of any type (yes all), pesticides and most metals
such as mercury and aluminum. The latter elements are found in vaccines!

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GMO Products, are they foods?

Are these food or chemicals or something else?  

What has man survived on for centuries? Food!

GMO products are altered so they can be patented and so they will withstand
huge amounts of poison. In some cases, the plant grows the poison itself!
The mainstream media/medical profession/pharma/bigAgra (same thing) says
there's no difference. Flat out, THEY LIE! There is a difference!

I classify GMO and GE (fish etc) as toxic items! The people selling these
products care nothing for humans or suffering. Their entire motivation is
profit! Monsanto is famous for this!

Food Defined

Food is that which nourished a body! It provides support for the functions of a
body! Water does this. Carrots do this! Whole food supplements do this.

Fractured supplements are very likely toxic. Watch the cheap drug store

Chemicals are all toxins! Chemicals all put a strain on a body and require
extra effort and resources to eliminate the toxins! I've been working for years
to get the mercury out of my body. I've been successful though some is still
there and causes some problems.

Any thing that puts a strain on the body is a “toxin.” Peanuts, dairy, wheat,
fractured vitamins each may be toxic to many people, actually they are toxic
to most people.

Cosmetics, cleaners, radiation... how can I name all the toxins? Chemtrails,
mercury in fish, pharmaceuticals in the water, the list goes on!

Poisons/toxins, absorbed in any manner, strain the body functions.

You can not be healthy with toxins being absorbed all the time. That diet
soda will sooner or later make you ill and FAT! That single cookie may
prevent good health!

Examples of Food

An organic apple is food. The kale, blueberries, bananas, the organic eggs
are food. Wild Alaskan Salmon is food. Free range meat, free of hormones
and antibiotics, is food.

Go around your kitchen. Look at the products in your cupboard? Look in your
refrigerator?  Take everything with chemicals you can't pronounce and throw
them out. TRASH THEM! Your health is much more important than the cup-o-
something or the yogurt with fancy name. That loaf of “bread”, will it kill you
today or take some time?

If it is processed, it is almost guaranteed toxic! I'm still working to get my wife
to READ THE LABEL! If you can't pronounce it or don't know what an
ingredient is, don't buy it!

Yogurt should contain cultured milk, live cultures and pretty much nothing
else. That's food.

If they added sugar, the harm may out weigh the benefits. Sorry sugar is
harmful in even little amounts. By sugar, I mean any substance used to

Yes that “little bit” does hurt. If you're already real healthy, go ahead eat it. If
you're not real healthy, it may be the little bit that breaks the camels back.


Organics were not necessary a few year ago. But today, if you want health,
buy organic. There is a list of thing here that give things you must buy
organic and things you don't have to. I respect this group!
EWG's 2013
Shopper's Guide to
Pesticides in Produce

I eat as organic as I can. I'm 63 and I am healthier than most 23 years people
today. Sorry to say that. Most young people are not that healthy. They also
don't know how to be healthy as they have been educated by a corrupt
system. Cancer in children. Multiple toxic vaccines given the very young. No
wonder we are the walking wounded. You should thank the AMA and
bigpharma for shorting people's lives!

Attention On!

What does that mean “Attention On”? It means that if you focus on health,
you're likely to get health. If you focus on crime, you get crime. The police do
this! The medical profession focus on illnesses and get illnesses. The
medical people do not focus on health! (Of course there are exceptions, you
know who you are. Thank you for actually caring and helping!)

Healthcare is focused on financial aspects of being ill!

Bigpharma and the AMA wrote the bill.

Congress didn't even read it.

The bill was on passed without reading it.

“We have to pass it to find out what is in it” or some such INSANITY is what
pelosi said! Why should your representative read what they sign? Well that's
a whole other article about criminals and how they operate! Its call congress
or the mafia! Though that may be an insult to the mafia to compare them to

The point is that you get what you put your attention on. You get where you
put your energy! If you want health, get educated on health! By the way, I
probably know more about nutrition and how to be healthy than most “MDs”!

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Doctors put their attention on SYMPTOMS!

I put my attention on the future and survival.

Doctors put their attention on SYMPTOMS! Cancer is a symptom! Diabetes
is a symptom! A heart attack is a symptom!

Being fat is a symptom and so is being too thin!

Doctors can drug your symptoms. Some Doctors drug themselves and die
from it! Most Doctors don't know enough to cure. (I was going to use a four
letter word there, something like don't know “shit about curing” but good
manners prohibited that!) Unfortunately, doctors are victims of the system
and die before their time! Sad.
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Health, How to Get

The answers to health are simple: Eat food and eliminate and avoid toxins,
chemicals, allergens that stress the body.  

I wrote an article which is directly related to this:
Complex vs Simple.

As an Earthling, you're already loaded up with toxins. I don't care how careful
you are. Have you been breathing lately?  I love bacon, how about you! Ever
eat ice cream? How about those aspirins, the drug the dentist gave you,
Novocaine (oh yes, I use that one too)? Point is you have drugs, chemicals,
pesticides, plastics, metals, god knows what else stored in your poor body!

Toxins can often be eliminated from your body via specific supplement for
specific toxins. Toxins may be eliminated via detox programs. The best I
know of is talked about in the book “
Clear Mind, Clear Body.” I own the book
and have done the program more than once. I still live on Earth, eating,
drinking and breathing.

How is your energy? How often do you get infections, colds, ills, pains,
aches? Do you hit the snooze button?  

You are a human on earth. That means you're suffering most likely. Of
course there are many that have avoided the toxic overload or command the
body regardless of toxins.

Health is about having a body that is not a  problem. The body should not be
a constant distraction. Your body should do as you command instantly!  

Bodies should not be tired all the time. Why should a body be tired if it's
healthy? I doubt most people have worked their bodies to the point it was
actually tired! Complaining, yes! My body complains often, I ignore it and it
always keeps going!

Health is a body that responds without effort to my commands! When you're
ill, the body wants to lie still and do nothing.

I had a crew that all had a stomach flu or some such BS. They were throwing
up left and right. I told them to get busy, they could throw up as they walked.
They did!

Since they were commanding their bodies, the throwing up was comical! The
work got done despite the up chucking! We still brag about being sick dogs
and pushing through it to get the job done!

In Closing

You are not your body! You are you!

But if you're body is ill, it is very difficult to tell who is who or what is what!

A healthy body is a body that you command without a lot of noise or pain
back from it!

If you get very good, the body will never complain. Why would it? You just tell
it to shut up and keep moving and it will!

This I can guarantee as this is how I handle my “body”! This is “health”!

Health requires effort on your part! If you need help, ask for it.

©2012  by Carl Watts/  091012 edited 051513 011214
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