A Good Boy                                                        061915

Now I could have called this "A Good Ol Boy" and had an entirely different

So lets do a clarification.

What is a “Good Ol Boy?”

Since I was raised in the South, I'm very familiar with the terms hick and
redneck. Those are synonyms for a good ol boy. Since it is slang, there
probably isn't an “official definition”.  Lets just say a Good Ol Boy is hormone
driven young man from the south or any place else.

Another aspect of this, which is perhaps less flattering, is the rich older
crowd. Basically that would be the educated snobs of the South or any other

What is a “Good Boy?”

That is the subject of this article. Alternately, what is a “good girl?”

If you look into the dictionaries, they get into psychobabble. I'd rather not
assume anything the psychs come up with is accurate because it almost
always is wrong.

Another, “reliable source” is a look down memory lane and see what our
parent considered a “good boy” or “bad boy.”

Did Your Parents...?

How many times were you told to be a good boy? (I'm not going to include a
“good girl” etc every time. This is not to slight the awesome females, I'm just
not willing to be redundant. Everything I say or ask about boys applies to
girls :-)

Aren't you being a good boy (dog)?

Or worse, “Why are you such a BAD boy?”

Your Offenses (Limited list!)

Let's see, you got dirty. You were noisy. You ran in the house. You didn't
listen. You wouldn't sit still in church. You split things, broke things, ruined
your clothes....

Your “Good” Acts

Isn't he cute sleeping there? You did exactly what you were told (this time).

I'm having a hard time with general things that were good acts or deeds. Oh,
you finally graduated, got married, got a job...!

What it Meant to be a “Good Boy”

You were quiet and motionless.

If you sat quiet and didn't disturb the adults you were being good. If you didn't
run in the house or anyplace else. Heaven forbid you ran around a swimming

You didn't splash adults or other people that didn't want to get wet! (Awe go

I guess the ultimate “good boy” would be dead, usually quiet and rarely

Parents, Wake UP

Now that your mom and dad have let you escape, you may have children of
your own.

Don't try to kill them by making them into “good children.” Let them move,
make noise, live! And, they are already GOOD!

If there's a real danger, not the stuff your parents harped on, then educate
the child. Use restraint of motion only where absolutely needed.

Children need to outflow sound and motion in large volumes! Just recall
when you were free to “let go” :-)

Children Inside vs Outside

Children need to move. This is necessary to have healthy bodies. Staying
inside restricts motion and produces unhealthy children. Obesity in children
comes from lack of motion and feeding your children
toxic garbage
processed foods.

Inside children are limited to board games (if anyone in your house knows
what they are) and reading. If they don't do those type activities, they are left
with electronics.

Electronics keeps them quiet and motionless. Does that sound familiar? It's a
state close to death.

Get your children out as much as possible.

Your Survival

If your children are inside, that means you probably are too. If you are not
getting out and doing things, I suspect you're having body problems.

Which came first, you being a good boy or the physical problems?

So reverse this, get out. Do it on a gradient that you can handle physically.
Seek a doctor's advice if you're ill etc.

If you get out, take the children with you.

Get some
space and sunshine. This can help you in many ways.

Don't raise “good little boys and girls!” Raise healthy children who are alive
and conquering the universe!

I wish you well.


Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like
expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as
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