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Glimpses of Greatness

Many are not looking outside
Still they manage to survive
Automations moving and talking
Mankind somehow staying alive
Pitiful, yet possessive of great potential

I looked out across the crowd
I marveled at life’s creations
I observe life and livingness
Occasionally, I glimpse a greatness
Just behind who, I’m pretending, I am

Others have mentioned this too
Every child feels this way
Ready to conqueror all of life
Unstoppable by man or matter
Sadly that greatness vanishes away

But still they know the potential is there
Just around the corner, ready to play
Some overcome the resistive masses
Breaking free to continue their childhood games
A whole universe to conqueror and own

Postulate to bring the greatness out
Bring the potential into everyday play
Use the greatness to make a difference
To help others be free no longer slaves
I feel it, just there, just out of reach

Do you feel the greatness too?
Are you pretending it’s not there?
Acting like you don’t know it’s true?
There’s greatness in you!
I see and feel your greatness

If on this we can agree, we can be free
No more pretending we don’t know
Let us bring forth our greatness
Starting a great new show on Earth
Where all men can play and win
Freedom for them and you my friend!

Nothing is stopping us but a little faith
Ask any three year old, he’ll tell the truth
Greatness is the spirit of man
The spirit of man is the man
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