Ghost, Demons, Spirits, Souls
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As a child I rather avoided movies or books dealing with Ghost, Demons or
Spirits. It seemed the authors are all in a physical universe conspiracy to
demonize, to make evil, any life not inhabiting a human body.

Yet in examining reality, I totally disagree!

Before I begin, I am stating my opinions. I state them as facts because I know
them to be true.

Your beliefs are only as strong as you know them to be true. Nothing I say
should effect your beliefs. This is  not an attempt to change your beliefs.

It is my statements of what I know, my "opinions" backed up by my
knowingness. Hope you enjoy!


Before I continue I want to go over the existing definitions of:
    GHOSTS—The spirit or apparition, a disembodied, spirit of a dead
    person with some body likeness to the dearly departed wandering
    around or haunting living persons

    My comments: A ghost is a spirit! It does not do haunting necessarily. It
    does not have anyone's image necessarily. Ghosts are not dangerous
    nor powerful. If they had strength, they would pick up a body and get on
    with life.

    DEMONS—An evil supernatural spirit, a devil

    My comments: A spirit is about as natural as it comes. They are super
    when they are very strong. When they are weak and in a body, they
    pass for human.

    SPIRITS—The soul separating from the body after death, incorporeal
    being inhabiting objects, places like an evil spirit

    My comments: Spirits sound like demons and ghost. Just because the
    dictionary and literature has described them evil does not make it so.  A
    spirit is the life that animates bodies, that would be you.

    Souls—The dictionary say the disembodied spirit...

    My Commends: Everyone know what a soul is right? I don't think so.
    Where is your soul kept? What happens to it when your body dies?
    What do you have to do with the soul and the body? So a human would
    be you, a soul, and a body?  

So you can see, the dictionaries paint a vague, confused, interrelated


In summary of the definitions, a ghost, spirit,  demon, or soul are all the
same thing. They are life, individual beings, outside a body or inside a body.


That the dictionary and authors make them evil and scary is just a control
tactic to keep people from entertaining the idea of being free from the human

Those are the same tactics the psychologist and psychiatrist use to scare
people into continued business.

They claim the solution to man is to control him, to keep him down, to drug

That is the desire of governments and organized religion in general based on
my observation.


A free being, not trapped inside a body, is neither visible nor detectable nor

Governments do not like that idea at all. This is true on Earth and on other

Oops, now I've grouped myself with people you might think of as crazy. But I
ask you what is YOUR proof. I know what I know!

Now you certainly have a right to believe anything you like. As I stated in the
beginning, what is true for you is truth. What you believe is  your belief!


Do you have faith in science? They gave us the atom bomb but no defense

Are you believing science? Is the earth still flat?

Science doesn't know all the answers. Your quack scientists, the psychs,
claim man came from mud and has no spirit or soul.

Science is clearly wrong about man. I don't have to explain that as on some
level you KNOW I speak truth.

So again, authors for thousands of years have sided with the scientists in
their efforts to say, you, as a being, do not exist.

Further they say
, should you by any chance get out of your body, as a spirit,
you're automatically evil, horrible & ugly.

By comparison, I again disagree. Have you looked at the insides of your
intestines lately? That not pretty.

Have you spoken to a ghost, spirit, demon or soul lately? (You actually have
probably every day, but they are inside bodies. Some are ugly and evil. Most
are not!)


As a being, assuming you're not insane and evil now, YOU would still be you
outside the body. YOU would not be evil or insane.

Your separation of yourself from that meat identification card you carry, the
body, would not lessen you nor change your personality or character!

You would not be evil or horrible, but probably much nicer since you would
realize you are immortal having separated from your perishable body.


    Are there Ghost etc
    running about?

    Yes, in my not so humble
    opinion, there are ghost etc
    loose and about.

    How do I know this?

    Have you ever had a
    nightmare and realized
    there was a spirit messing
    with you while you slept? I
    have. It makes me angry
    since the spirit is messing
    with my body as it sleeps. I
    command it to get the hell
    out of here. It always

Besides many people, if you just tell them to be outside the body, they are.
That is fact.


When I command a spirit to leave, I don't know where it goes, don't really
care. Perhaps it's decided to be a fence post or a politician. Or maybe it went
back to the gravy yard and is being the tombstone or something.

By the way, burying a dead body is a good way to mess up a being. At death,
they are confused so they might hang around the old embalmed body for a
long time trying to make it work.

When people visit the gravy yard, their live energy can often attract the
attention of a spirit previously stuck to a dead body. The spirit might follow
you home.

Best thing to do for a spirit is to incinerate the body and let the being get on
with life newly.

Cause and Effect

Anytime you assign cause to an object or a spirit, it becomes cause and you
become effect. See article “
Stress Re-Defined” for definitions of “Cause” and
Click to view!

You are a source of power of tremendous magnitude but you've been
convinced you're less than you are than you really are. Perhaps convinced
you are only a piece of meat doomed to die.

This is how you've been controlled back through time immemorial! You've had
lies and stuff piled up on you until the real you is buried. Your abilities haven't
left, they have just buried. As a being, a spirit, you've been trapped inside that
body and may not know you exist as a being.

If you want more data, have questions, let me know.


I'll end off by saying your abilities, potentials, are far, far, far greater than you
or anyone has every let you imagine.

Of this I am certain! You might like my poem "

So for the present, what you can do is team up with

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