Genetics, Heredity and Allergies

I do love the medical field with all its theories and expert opinions. It provides
me with much material to write about.

I'm really a comedian and only report the FACTS!

I've listened to people who should know better talk about inheriting a gene
which could cause____ problem. To that I say, BULL!

It is my opinion that genes can be and are controlled and are changeable by
your actions and viewpoint. I have read a lots of information to support this

For example,
Your Habits Are More Important Than Your Genes.

Genetically Modified Organisms

Science has many theories about genes and DNA. They can and have
genetically modify our food and animals.

They state their products are safe.  They lie.

So that makes me fully distrust their theories. I don't trust dishonest scientist
who write fraudulent articles for pay offs.

Genetics and the Mind

I listened to some questions a teacher was having one of my grandsons
answer. “What illnesses did or do your parents and grandparents have” (or
wording to that effect)?

I sat and wondered why give the kid an idea that a grandparent's illness had
or has any thing to do with the child?

That is like hypnotizing the kid. Upsetting questions, attention put on loss of
love ones, can put someone into a trance.

Now that they are hypnotized, they suggest the kid may get the disease
grandma died from!

Had I been the mother, I would have refused to allow my child read or answer
that question!

You see neither the teacher nor the mother knew enough about the human
mind nor how diseases spread.

See my article “
Contagion, The Theory Of


Let me see how this works. Your grand parents had habits and eating
routines. Is it possible your parents have the same habits and eating routines?

Then you, you poor kid, having spent your entire life learning how to live from
your parents and grandparents, develop the same habits and routines?

How many times did your mom say you're just like your dad or dad say you're
just like  your mom?

Now,  little kids know their parents are always right. A tired or hungry or ill
child is just like the hypnotized subject, very  suggestible.

So with much the same diet, routines, and hypnotic suggestions, you can get
the same ills passed right on down straight form Adam and Eve to YOU! (I'm
sure this doesn't always happen or man would not survive. But happen it

Who your parents and grandparents were does effect you. However, it is not
something that you can not change.

The problem is "everyone knows..." There is huge agreement that genes,
relatives, the environment control YOU. This is only true if you agree and let it


I'll tell a couple short stories about allergies.

The first story is about a man who walked into a ladies house and started

The lady asked him what was happening. He replied “I am allergic to roses.”

She is puzzled and says “What roses?”

He points to the mantel where a vase of roses sits.

She laughed and said “those are plastic.”

My point in that story is he was reacting to roses when there were no roses.
Something fed false data to him. Roses from his past were injected into his
present time environment.

From his perspective, sneezing was right until new data entered and then he
knew there was no reason to sneeze.

Another example was my brother in law. Harry moved to Sacramento
California. Sacramento is one of the top allergy cities in America!

When he got there he was suffering. He went to see a doctor. The doctor was
going to give him drugs.

Harry asked how long he'd have to take them. The Doctor replied “For the

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Harry said no thanks and walked out. For two weeks it was rough, then
suddenly, Harry was allergy free and has stayed that way for many many

What happened to his allergies? Harry disagreed with them and won the
battle. Harry took command of his body instead of allowing it to run and ruin
his life.

It is well known that a hypnotist can start a person sneezing. A hypnotist can
cause a person's nose and eyes to drip.

It is also known that sometimes when a hypnotist starts a body phenomena,

Hypnotism is not a reliable solution for man's ills and, almost always, does
harm to the subject!

Allergies are from mental phenomena and can be handled in my opinion but
never by drugs nor hypnotism.

Your viewpoint on life and living is more powerful than the environment or
genetics! Of course if you just expect someone to drug you and fix your
problems, you're doomed.

©2012  by Carl Watts/  111012 edited 120313
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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