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Have you observed a “generation gap”? What do you think causes a
generation gap?

Is it only that you are older and they are younger? But were you not “younger”
just a short while ago?

Was there a generation gap between your parents and you? How does that


So as a child were you in excellent communication with your parents, with
older people?

I didn't think so. I wasn't with my parents or grandparents.

Your Children

Do you recall how easy it was to communicate with your child when they were
infants? Disregarding the vocabulary shortage, the average parent and baby
are in excellent communication.

Mothers probably are more so in communication as they generally spend

more time with the infant.

Now don't take that line as any kind of gender insult. There are exceptions to
all generalities.

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What happened to that excellent communication?

Was only  the child responsible for creating good communication? He though
so and kept trying!

Have you ever told your child to shut up? Stop crying?

Children generally cry for a reason. Children love and need you to listen!

Lack of Parental Communication

As the child grew, generally, not always, the parents paid less attention to the
child and listened to them much less!

Not only do the adults not pay attention, not listen, they often tell the child to
shut up.

Any ignored child will take matters into their own hands to get attention such a
behavior problems at school. They can yell at the teacher but not their
parents! Parents don't listen!

So the parent gets called into school. From there, things get much worse
today with public education and the #psychs running the system. But that's
another article.

Reality is made up of Communication and Affinity.
Affinity is degree of liking or disliking.

When parents don't pay attention, that demonstrates a dislike. Try that with
your spouse or boss!

When parents don't communicate, that again demonstrates a dislike.
Remember dating? What did you think when the person you were dating
stopped communicating with you?

Parents demonstrating dislike and not communicating do not know what the
reality of the child is.

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How is it that children get bullied and the parents don't know it is happening?
Children get scared of trying to communicate to parents in some cases. In
other cases, they know that to try to communicate is hopeless!

So things get worse.

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The Gap and Repairing It.

Of course there is a generation gap. It was created by the parents.

There doesn't have to be a generation gap. They can be repaired.

As parents, even grandparents, need to talk with the children. Don't just tell
them things, ask them questions?

Find out what they are experiencing. What out what they like/dislike,
want/don't want!


Create a shared reality with your child or grand child!

All my children and grand children are in good communication with me. There
is little generation gap. Though I have to admit some of their music and
fashions are a bit unreal to me.

I want through fads as a child but not much as I was very much a loner. Still  
trying to fit in, it mimicked others.

If liking a song would have gotten me a young girls attention, I would have
love the song!

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