First what is a generality? General involves all things of a group or class of
things. A generality could be said to be imprecise or vague, indefinite,
unspecific, etc. “Everyone knows” is a classic generality and is usually untrue!

A statement like “Everyone was happy” is probably almost true. At least it is
not a destructive upsetting statement.

A statement like “No one likes you” is most definitely a lie. The person making
the statement has harmful intentions toward the “you” in the statement.

Why use Generalities?

Sometimes we don't have exact specifics so we will make a general
statement. “When there are a lot of heavy clouds, it often rains.” That is a
mostly and often a true statement. It is still a generality.

The other times generalities are used is to hide the lies or create false
impressions. “All those people from Mars are bad!” The fact is no group is all
bad. That type statement is a lie.

Generalities are used to create upset and destructive responses! Wars are
almost always based on generalities and outright lies! “It is believed there are
weapons of mass destruction” was a generality and a lie. A war was fought,
thousands were murdered. Billions of dollars were wasted. The suffering

Generalities are often used to wreck careers, marriages and lives. “The
evidence showed probably reason to convict.” Really? “Probably reason”?
Let's get the exact truth, the exact data!

"I heard your wife was seen out last night." What's left out is where! Was she
at a club or the grocery store? A generality!

The government's current ability to detain anyone for any reason is a huge
generality that may destroy this nation!

Vested interest use Generalities

The stock marked is manipulated by the use of lies, generalities and implied
situations. Start a rumor and watch the stock plunge. “CBS and NBC are both
bankrupt” is such a rumor even if it's true or not!

"The Chevy Volt explodes" which is probably true. But how often and why doe
it explode? Almost every car in the wrong situation can explode! (The Volt is
heavily subsided by the government so is probably worthless, opinion there :-)


What the hell is “healthcare”? It's probably one of the biggest generalities I
know of! "Healthcare" in America is drug sales, surgery, radiation and huge
profits for the reoccurring ills caused by the cures. Since I didn't give any
specifics, my statement is a generality but everyone knows this is true, right?
Perhaps I make my point :-)

To survive, you need health or wellness! "Healthcare" is not that and has
nothing to do with it! Over weigh is poor health, cancer, diabetes, etc are all
symptoms of poor health. See related article
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"Global Warming" now renamed "Climate Change"

The banksters, gore's friends, had to rename the “crisis” because it is pretty
obvious the planet is not warming up. To wonder off subject, did you ever
wonder what happened to the last ice age? Did too many people drive SUV's
and thaw the planet? Nope! The planet just fluctuates! Gore is a liar, ask his

Climate change may be happening. There is some evidence to support that
Remember gore lies! The whole thing is a scheme to tax people so the
Banksters get richer. See related article
Global Warming aka Climate Change!

This Religion or that One is Bad!

In America, the Constitution guarantees religious freedom... Really, the current
administration and our fake pres is anti-religion. The media is constantly
bashing various religions.

There was a whole series of wars where one church said another religion was
evil, I believe it was the 100 war. I'm sure the killed tens of thousand of
innocent people on both sides.

No religion is all bad. “They are bad” is a generality!

“People in that country are....” NO they are not! But some probably are...

It's like the old saying you can fool some of the people all the time. Our
government has proven that. You can fool some of the people some of the
time but you can fool all of the people all of the time.

There are always exceptions both good and bad.

Groups Have a Spectrum

Any group has a bottom and a top. In a church, you have the people that
attend regularly and are faithful. You have the ones that only come once a
year for special events. In this group, you have the “nice old lady” and the
pervert. It may be the nice old lady is the pervert! But most of the people are
decent and just trying to get along in life and do better! They work hard.
Religion should be offering hope for betterment! Many just promise hell if you

In the police force, you have the heroes! There are many. In the same force,
you have the crooked cop who's on the take, a criminal. You can't say all cops
are bad or all cops are good! Though as a generality, I can say the police are
trying to stop. That is the bottom of the scale. That scale is start, change and
stop (birth, growth, death, etc). Witness the Occupy Movement which was
stopped by the police and often with unnecessary violence!

In the medical field, you have the doctors that are doing everything they know
how to help the patient! There are many doing this. You also have the medico
that merely push drugs to every person coming in the door and, given a
chance, recommends unnecessary surgery that is very risky. Their purpose is
raking in money and generating future ill clients! As an additional comment, if
you visit a psych of any flavor, you are in for trouble. In their eyes, their
diagnoses are always based on opinion.

All opinions are generalities. In my opinion, all psychs are bad. That one you
can take to the bank!

Actually they are not all bad but the ones that actually help are very few and
far between. The entire psychology and psychiatric fields are based on fraud.

You can't have good guys practicing using fraud science that gets the same
result as NO TREATMENT! Let me clarify, if you think you need a psych of
any flavor, you're better off moving into a cave. You'd live longer and be

The media.

The mainstream media is dedicated to making things seem worse (a
generality). If you don't see this, I'll provide specifics! As part of humanity, the
media are in the lower part of the spectrum, the rock bottom along with the
psychs and banksters!

Their stories/article are riddled with generalities and outright lies.

They are
tools of the banksters/governments and other bad hats!

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The media love to create upset, war, crime, suffering. This is their bread and
butter they think! So if they can't find it, they invent it. That's called lying!

The media are currently pushing war for the industrial military complex which
is owned, of course, by the banksters.

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More examples?

I can provide you with as many examples in as many areas as you need. But
why? You can see! You can tell when someone is bull shitting you like the

A very related article is

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