Galactic Being

In the far past, I played a universe game.
Heavens did I stroll, planets did I roll.

It was a game of competition for objects and spaces.
I’d roll. You’d roll. We’d see who controlled!

For eons did we play, by both night and day.
Time was without ending and all could play.

Alas did we bore near the end of the tour.
The stars did seemed to dim, we curled up between them.

Sleep came without effort, immense spatial winds did blow.
Still we slept amongst the star’s warm glow.

One day, one night, a late age of delight, I woke.
Moon dust, star dust, like a cloak, I wore

My thoughts had turned into planets spinning around.
My dimension points locked into the very ground.

Energy became stars. Energy striking ridges did sing.
My universe had turned into an onion of immense mest* rings.

I tried to rise past the flows of energy and the ridges.   
Each one pushed back, keeping any space packed.

Each motion caused a fierce commotion.
Each produced an equal and opposite motion.

There I was the maker of space and time.
Wrapped up solidly in matter, energy, and time.

Soon I forgot to struggle, who am I? Memories faded.
Still I gathered matter, energy and felt further jaded.

Are the glows in space our brothers sparkling bright?
Or are they sleeping beings trapped in the stars of the night?

One day, the ridges will be seen vanished, I’ll get free
Soon, we’ll bowl amongst the stars again, you and me!

Of this I can assure, if you look close, you can see
If you look out beyond the shadows of dust, you too can go free.

The way has been taped, the bridge has been built, see
The path is clearly marked, just walk with me.

©2008 Carl Watts
*mest=matter, energy, space and time.

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