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Freedom for Friends

I looked about and found no one around
I seemed to be not even me
I found that I was only being a body
I knew I could be so much more
I thought if only I was outside the body

And so it was, I was behind the head
Wow, look the thing is half dead
I gave it a nudge and it moved
So easy to control even from behind
What else could I do not being a body

I looked about using my own perceptions
What a glorious world full of colors
Sounds of all types are everywhere
What else can I perceive not being a body
Wow, look at the lady over there

From the distance, I can feel she’s alive
She’s warm, kind and more than a bit alone
She’s cut off from her own perceptions
She’s inside her body looking out
I wonder if I can help and free her

A thought I sent her way created excitement
Someone had spoken to her, not the body
She realized she was alive more than a body
A suggestion, just be outside, be alive
Wow, more beauty than can be imagined

As beings we perceived
As beings we grew
As beings we delighted
We agreed to be eternal friends
Life was grand, free
No more being bodies
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