"Pixel Pipe" Photo by the awesome Frank Cunha III.

Tale by Carl Watts

When I see art, it communicates to me. I often want to write about the images and ideas provoked by the
aesthetics. Sometimes, I do!  Here is what I imagined from Frank's picture!

Looking at Life Behind the Eye of the Universe

For sometime, I had given up the idea of freedom. I was trapped. I was inside looking out through eyes
at the universe. I called them the eyes of the universe.

This entire life time, I've been trapped. Oh, my body works well, men seem to find it interesting. But I
wanted to be free to come and go.

As often as I tried, I found something holding me back, keeping me inside.

So, I tried to make the best of it.

As a child, I did all the cute things to make my parents happy. I was the “perfect little daughter”!

I really have great parents except I was too noisy, too busy, too much motion. I remember all the times
I was told to settle down, be quiet, slow down, have a seat and on and on. As a child that is a very
heavy situation. I wanted to soar! The ability to move is power!

But in many ways they gave me confidence. I could charm. With a smile and flip of my head, I usually
got my way. But all along the underlying message was “be still and quiet, you're powerless.”

Continuing, as I grew up, I dressed to impress. As a young woman, my genetics were very kind to me.
Between the clothes, the smile and the flip, I had the male world at my command.

But I was still stuck inside, powerless to move out. I was still in a physical body that was in motion.

Life was a huge adventure. I studied and learned.

Then a very charming man approached me. He wanted to take my picture.

I started to explain that I wouldn't show up on film but he could take pictures of my body all he wanted.
It was nice to have him admire my body and capture it on film.

I didn't tell him any of that but told him okay, go ahead.

He took many shots.

It was the instant of this picture that it happened. I don't know why. Perhaps the flash startled me and I
suddenly leaped out of the body. No, that's not right but the instant the flash went off, I was several
feet behind the body's head. I knew I was free!

It seemed very normal, comfortable. I tested the body and it responded even better than when I was
trapped inside!

For a moment, I took off. I viewed the Earth from far above. It was an awesome image to behold!

I suddenly realized Frank was talking to me. I asked him what he had said.

“The shoot is over. “

I didn't mention any of this to Frank until today. Now he doesn't know what to think about me.

I know he likes me. Perhaps I'll take a picture of him behind his eyes and set him free too.

The end.

Article ©2011 by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com
Photo of an eye with the reflection of the photographer in the eye
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