Photo by the awesome Frank Cunha III.

Poetic Tale by Carl Watts

How to Survive FORCE

That is a deep question for mortals.
The physical universe is so, so big.

Man is so so small.
But what is man?

Is man only a meat body?
Or is man much so more?

I say more, very much more!
So much more that no one every let you imagine!

At times, you get glimpses of your greatness
But instantly you deny yourself to nothing.

I know this is true for I have done this.
The denial is not you! To yourself be true!

Physical Universe is infinite for man
It is not infinite for you but small

How big are you?
Convinced you're nothing?

Imagine yourself bigger than a house
Imagine bigger than an office building

Imagine yourself bigger than the continent
Imagine yourself bigger than Earth

Keep going, let YOUR imagination go.
For what it ends at being is YOU...

As a small homo sapiens, you think you die
of course, YOU have been convined a lie

As a being, YOU do not die
Bodies dies very soon, truth

But like your size, the size of YOU
Your life as you believe isn't true

Your power is equal to YOU
This fact I know to be true!

If you're bigger than the physical universe,
What bullet could harm YOU?

Not your body, frail
But if YOU're bigger than infinity
What could be YOUR enemy?

You're only enemies are those YOU choose
If you did not select them as enemies
They would be under YOUR control

How to survive force?
Be YOU, bigger than force!

That is YOU!
That is TRUE!

Article ©2012 by Carl Watts/
Picture Copyright © 2010-2012 Frank Cunha III.
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"How to Survive FORCE" below Photo "I Doodle" by the awesome Frank Cunha III.
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