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Forest Life

Have you ever wondered about the leaves
Waving back and forth gently in the wind
What are they thinking about
Are they watching you walk by

How about the grass under your feet
Does it feel you walking on it
Crushing it into the ground
Is it yelling at you in pain

The small insects swarming about
Seeming to hardly notice you passing
Are they messaging rapidly ahead
Watch out for the blind giant

Are these live things guided by life
Are they haphazard and uncontrolled
Do you feel them perceiving you
Seems like they bear no ill will

You pass on through
Not noticing the life
Not noticing the gaze
Not hearing the thoughts

You safely pass through my wood
Your life has been spared this time
Nothing to be gained
Save fertilizing my ground

Seems a waste to just let you pass
Unaware, crushing, swatting
Littering, mentally dead
Maybe next time…
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