Things are not all going right in the world today!

I post items on
Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, My Site and other places to help raise awareness of
situations/problems and solutions. I distribute art and news about events on my site for no charge as art
helps create a sane world, helps create a future.

Join me with your ideas. Also, my site has been a donation to mankind for about 3.5 years. Any help you
can do to help me support of efforts to spread cheer and knowledge would be deeply appreciated.

Wishing you and yours an incredible and awesome future. Carl Watts, Poet
page created about 6/5/09
I have thousands
followers over various
social networks, mostly

There are two ways to grow your

Free and slow or spend a little and go
fast. Click on the one that suites you
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Have a great day and happy

Carl the Poet promoter
Here is some general information about Twitter as I
so I can correct this data:

Twitter is a time stream. I like to compare it to a ticker
tape or a telegraph. The messages posted are called
"Tweets" and are limited to a maximum of 140
characters including the spaces etc. Just below on the
left is a live view of my Twitter account! (Instructions on
setting up a Twitter account are
here or if you are very
new on Twitter,
click here. )

As a note "RT" means retweet which means you are
passing on someone else's tweet. It doesn't mean
"right" (smile).

"Each RT is more valuable than the last. RT
please! #Quote #AwesomeTeam" Carl Watts
The power of the internet is the spreading of information.
Each RT spreads information, knowledge, further and
further and potentially can circle the globe and change
mankind. This is done by a simple RT by you, helping
mankind. In advance, thanks for helping!*

People that I am following can post something and it appears on my time stream.  I look and where I choose, I
can communicate to them or go to the sites they list. I've done this many times. So it works.

There are some general practices that will help you get followers. Post a picture and a bio! This makes you more
real. People are much more likely to follow you! Also, some software will exclude following you because of no picture.
Also, with a bio, people can locate you and follow you based on the key words in your bio. So post one!

    Another point on Friday, when you Tweet someone,
    insert #FF*. This point is tracked and statistics are
    kept on how much a person is supported. #FF is
    Follow Friday. Use a lot on Thursday through
    Saturday. It may help you expand!                

    Next is that you need to follow people back that
    follow you. Communication is not a one way flow of
    information. If you only outflow at people, you will
    find them unfollowing you. I saw an example of
    that. Same with RTing. If you want people to RT
    your post, RT theirs!

    I suggest you start with one account and learn
    the ropes.

    The number of Twitter accounts you can have
    is not limited except you can't post duplicate
    messages. Twitter will shut you down. The
    software sold by various companies such as
    Tweet Adder is sold for a single user, 5, 10 and an
    unlimited number of accounts! I use this and it
    works very well & cuts the work down that is
    required to obtain followers.

    Twitter rules on multiple accounts seem to be contradict themselves. But
    the main point is not to post ANY duplicate Postings on several accounts
    or even on one!

    If someone posts several times a day, I am more likely to see their post. It
    is strictly a numbers game. For passing out data, I feel it is a super method
    of doing so.

    The more often you post on Twitter, the more people are likely to see your
    message. But the message must not be a duplicate of earlier messages.

    Please refer to Twitters rules here: http://help.twitter.

    If I post something more than once, with some variation, I believe a new
    batch of people will probably view the data. I don't feel it would be the same
    people viewing though it could be. I have of thousands of followers on
    Twitter, Plaxo and other social sites. The number is growing daily so it is
    difficult to say how many people will view or how many will follow the link.
    By varying the posting at different times of the day, hopefully I get many
    more viewers. Often, I vary the wording, as different things catch different
    peoples attention!

    You can have your Twitter postings show up on Plaxo,
    MySpace, Linkedin, Facebook, your own site and etc.  I have
    many contacts on the above social networks. Plaxo limits you to 1000
    connections but some got through beyond that. So I opened a second
    account and have started to grow that!

    Want to know how to post your Tweets to all your social networks? Click
    here for some more no cost advice about!

    There is software I recommend, and yes, if you purchase via my links I do
    get paid. I should I'm promoting them:  SocialOomph, where I can set up a
    series of posts and schedule them for the future and much much more. You
    can use their free version or sign up for the Pro! You can try the Pro version
    for free for a week.
You can sign up for SocialOomph at no cost and set it up to have a direct message (DM) sent to each new person that
follows you. This is good. Be sure your message ask about them, benefits them, not all about you. If you sign up with them,
I suggest you also sign up with them as an affiliate, still no cost. This way if someone you refer does become a paying
professional, you make money monthly.

Tweet Adder allows to search for key words and you can set it up to automatically follow that group of people. So this
qualifies who you follow to a small degree and thus qualifies who will possibly follow you back.
Tweet Adder will save you
tons of labor and can follow and unfollow for you while you sleep

A word of caution, do not be too aggressive. You might ask what's "aggressive" and I can't answer that question. But that
is the way Twitter has the rules. Just keep your following and unfollowing at a low rate. Twitter currently suspends without

By the way, if interested in using Twitter in a big way, SocialOomph or Tweet Adder create a huge advantage and save
you tons of labor! I consider them extremely valuable! Click on these links to take you to my affiliate pages! If you do
purchase either of these, I recommend you sign up as an affiliate (no cost to be an affiliate). That way, you can make
commission to if you promote and someone signs up based on your promotion.

I can tell you, I purchased based on someone's promotion and they made money! So should you!

Also, do take some time and read Twitter's rules and policies. They suspend without warning or explanation. Please refer
to Twitters rules here:

I've just started a page for the advanced Twitter. Click here to see the data I've posted so far.

If you have more questions or need more data, contact me on the above form.

If you made it this far, I'll give you a couple more tips and suggestions: Putting the @ symbol in front of a followers name
and adding that to a tweet send it directly to them. @Poet_Carl_Watts tweets go to all your followers and to me directly.

I pay attention to these. You can also visit Twitter Advanced for more info!

If you want to get your data known fast, if you have a Tweet you feel is important, sent it with an @Poet_Carl_Watts. I will
ReTweet all of your messages if I can. I may get behind or I may simple disagree and not be willing to retweet. But
normally, I'm there to pass on your communications. Please don't abuse my willingness to help. It's completely based on
me wanting to help mankind.

If you like be to put your site URL in front of thousands potential viewers or have me grow a following for you or manage
posting to your existing social networks (MySpace, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc)
contact me!

Follow me on Twitter at Poet_Carl_Watts.

How I use Twitter & Why

Advanced Twittering

"Tweet Adder" most recommended software! Carl

Man survives best when man is helping man survive! A person is only as valuable as he helps or assist others! Need
some help in life without being told what to do, what to think,
contact me. Have a great day! Carl

"Each RT is more valuable than the last. RT please! #Quote #AwesomeTeam" Carl Watts. The power of
the internet is the spreading of information. Each RT spreads information, knowledge, further and further and potentially
can circle the globe and change mankind. This is done by a simple RT by you, helping mankind. In advance, thanks for

*The use of a hash mark "#" in front of a word is tracking method. It is used to establish trends and allows a subject to be
located easier. Don't over use #s. "A hash tag is similar to other web tags- it helps add tweets to a category" per Twitter.
See full data: On Fridays, if you mention someone
else or do a "shout out" where your recommending or commending your followers, add #FF as the of these are tracked.

    * URL Shortening.  If you are preparing your tweets in advance, you may want to set up a
    shortening service that will take your URL and shrink it down. This allows you to get more text
    in the message. You can go to this page Grab the bookmarklet
    and drag it to your bookmark bar. Your read to shorten the URL of any page. is the
    shortest and fastest shortening service I have found. Enjoy!  

    On URL shortening, recently added a page that you readers will see if you shorten with
    them. This page is a warning and cautions people that the shortened link can take you any
    where! Personally, I do not like this. So is fasted and easiest but no longer most
    recommended URL shortening.

    I recommend for shortening. Very fast. Go to You can enter your URL
    and  the Captcha or login with Twitter. I recommend logging in. Once logged in, you enter
    URL and hit "Shrink It" or hit enter on you keyboard and you get a shortened URL!

    You can drag their logo to your bookmark bar for speed of use.

    Key to all this is an internet not controlled by government or a few corporations.
    Support and Electronic Frontier Foundation https:
Question Response/Contact page/Twitter Tips
Due to Spammers, I have deleted my
contact on my website. Contact me via
Twitter or Facebook if you don't have my

I'm happy to give that to real people :-)  


You can also go to this page,
"Communication and Future"
My mail is there.
Click to visit.
by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam??
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