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So here’s my poem:

Its early morn, cool and cloudy, hard to get out of bed
Body complains, seems there’s pain in the back of the head
I want to work to create, but it's difficult to think or even see
I have a cup of coffee; make that three, no relief for me.

Slowly, the day drags along; I drive to town and look out
For moments I notice the environment, ah, no pain is about
But then, the pain comes back again
When I start focus in, the pain will not end.

A day of creation without creation, wasted and gone
A day of creating a future, no brilliant words or song
But then the sun comes out. The pain goes away!
I love looking at nature and life, it really helps my day.

I believe there is a lesson to be learned, look outwards
If you dwell within, attention on self, you’ll find no words
Life is wonderful and all around, looking in, life is rarely found
So today, I am creating, listening to life make beautiful sounds!

It’s incredible out there, look outwards and see the day
It’s dark inside, pain, misery to be found, look the other way
One gets smaller looking in, less confident, voices talk to you
Get more powerful, stronger by looking out, an impressive view.

So make your choice my friend, it is your choice
Look within, think about how bad it is, and maybe lose your voice
Or look outwards, start to shout about the beautiful day!
See the world, life, friends, beautiful in every way!
Communicate with others, turn off the news
Look at life, find your creative muse.

I leave you view in your control. Look outwards at life and win
Look inwards, worry about it, be motionless, the day will never end.
I watch the successful in life, they are in motion communicating
Communicating with others and the environment and winning!

Take your clue from your muse
Turn off the news!
Get out! Create your life
Be nice to the husband or wife!

©2009 Carl Watts www.carlwattsartist.com

I often want to give a history of what inspired the various poems I write. So I think I will. Christine Kane, a gifted songwriter and singer,
does a frequent newsletter. Every communication I get from this brilliant lady is full of truth and workable words.
See some I have posted!
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