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What you see, is it solid?
Scientists, who know it all, say no.
Really solid, is it? Just pretend
Pretend it isn’t even there
What did you see?
Did you see that brief flash?
Did it all vanish for just an instant?
Did you rush to put it back again?
Or did you deny you saw it gone at all?
Let’s do it again
Look between the scenes
See that void that's flashing
Which is real?
The void flashing
Or the reality of that solid wall
Reality is that which we agree is real.
Is it really real, reality?
Is reality real or is it just agreed upon?
Used to be that the Earth was flat
Was it?
Could it have been?
Scientists, who know it all, say no.
But did someone just disagree?
Disagreed that the world was flat
And then it wasn’t
Who’s to say?
First it’s one way
Tomorrow another way!
Egyptians drew flying saucers on the wall
Roswell saw a real flying saucer fall
Scientists, who know it all, say no.
And the government hides it all.
You’re looking at the wall or
Looking at the scene straight through the wall
Imagination, agreement
Which is real? Which is actual?
Matter, energy, space, time, what’s reality?
Scientists, who know it all, they don’t know.
They’re scared to look at the wall.
Scared to see through the wall
Scared because they might see
They might see their reflections looking back.
The Poet knows.

©2009 Carl Watts
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